“I belong to no one but everyone at the same time. I am an international…a resident of the world – as viewed by the law”

I was preparing my tax recently when my accountant mentioned that given the nomadic nature of Tempting Alice and the fact I no longer have a place of residence- I can now be classed as a resident of the world. No longer am I an Australian resident or a US resident. I belong to no one but everyone at the same time. I am an international…a resident of the world – as viewed by the law. God damn this is cool – but it poses a few questions.

Am I homeless?

This is the most common concern for people when I explain that I am a location freedom professional. It is an accepted view that putting down roots is a healthy practice. For me…the idea of home is not attached to a physical place. Home is where my family and friends are. I can find home in Adelaide with my dad, Darwin with my brother, Sydney with my sister or Cairns, Canberra, NYC, Texas..the list goes on. For me…home is where the heart is. Home is not about surrounding myself with stuff. Home is the relationships I have developed with those I love. I nurture these relationships and come back to Australia regularly to ensure I never lose touch. They are my priority, my support network and I value them accordingly. I will never be homeless…because I will always be able to find a safe place in the company of the people I love and who love me in return.

Is it forever?

People ask me all the time when I am going to come back to live in Australia. Recently…they started asking me if I would ever come back. The truth is… I don’t know. I love Australia. It is my birthplace, where I grew up, my country. I am proud to be an Australian and I will always have an unrivaled connection to the landscape. But I also love living in NYC. It inspires me and takes almost as much as it gives. I love the people, the possibility, the opportunity, the challenge. Now that I have survived the initial hazing period..I am not sure it is a place I could ever leave. It is an addiction. Healthy or not…I want more. For now…I am a nomad…a resident of the world, content to live between borders. In the long term…who knows. Life is a journey and I will see where it takes me.

What about a boyfriend…marriage, family?

I recently had a guy tell me that if marriage and children were not on the cards then there was no future and therefore no point in us dating. Ouch! I would like to clear up the issue and say that I am not against marriage or children. This may or may not be a part of my future and I am open to either. What I am against, is the idea that it is a predefined blueprint for my life. That my success as a woman is defined by my ability to lock down a man and procreate. Again…I refer to my previous statement…life is a journey and I will see where it takes me.

For now…I am celebrating my new status as a resident of the world and plotting to become the first world president. I would love to meet other residents of the world. Perhaps we can create one big family and bond over our love for travel and our openness to experience.

In conclusion, I would like to propose a toast…here’s to life, to living in the now, to experience, to abandoning the blueprint, to embracing the journey and seeing where it takes you. Cheers !



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