Best Sex Machines – Our Complete Machine Review

Sex machines are definitely a way to spice up things in the bedroom with your significant other or they can be fun while you are solo. There are many types of these machines on the market that are catered to fit to different styles and preferences. No matter your gender, if you are looking for some fun in whichever opening you choose, there is definitely something to satisfy you. Here is a list of some of the best sex machines of 2019:

Hismith Premium Sex Machine Wired Controlled Love Machine with Dildo

This machine is designed to take your orgasms to new heights. It is easily assembled so that you don’t have to wait long for the pleasure you’ve been desiring. The objective is to give you optimal strokes, at angles of your choice. This means you can enjoy pleasure from several positions, just like you would with a human partner. It weighs around 16.5″ pounds and is sturdy enough to withstand thrusting without sliding around. There is a wire remote that allows you to control the speed and to turn the machine off and on. It does include a 8″ dildo with 6.3″ of length that’s insertable. This is a standard/starter dildo and you can buy several attachments to fit your own personal needs and wants.

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The Velvet Thruster

This sex machine is not a standalone but rather a handheld device. It is designed to give you all of the trust of a full standing sex machine but without the need of one. It gives a thrust of 3″ and pushes out up to 140 strokes per minute. With over 10 speeds to choose from, this sex machine is going to have a speed to fit any and everyone. The attached dildo has about 6.5″ length that’s inserted and it is bendable so it can move with you. Another great selling feature is the different models. There is one that’s covered in veins, one that’s thin and ribbed, one covered with ridges, and also there are mini models available as well.

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Hismith Supermatic Sex Machine

Weighing in at around 8.5 pounds, this sex machine is very lightweight and compact. It is designed to give you all the pleasure of a larger machine but without weighing as much or taking up much space. It has a quiet motor, which is great when wanting to be discreet and it has adjustable angles and different speeds. A standard size dildo is included but there are other attachments available, to suit your desires.

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Fuck Machine 3.0 by Fort Troff

This sturdy sex machine is designed to bring power that causes massive orgasms. With a maximum of 200 strokes per minute, you can get pounded as hard and as long as you want. The height is adjustable, making it easy to find the optimal pleasure position for you and if you choose, you can use this as a handheld device. Fort Troff also has over 40 different dildos available on their site that all are capable of being attached to the Fuck Machine 3.0.

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Love Glider Sex Machine

This machine does exactly what it says…glide. Designed to be powered by your own body movements, this sex machine puts you in the control seat. There is padding, to ensure your ride is comfortable and it comes with two flexible dildos. One dildo is ribbed and the other is the perfect size and length for anal play. Give yourself the pleasure you want and control the level with your own body.

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Shockspot Sex Machine

This sex machine comes in three different models: double penetration, 8″, and 12″. The stroke length ranges from 0-12 inches in about 23 seconds. Each is able to provide the strokes and thrusts you desire and due to the different models, are customizeable to your own individual needs. Furthermore the machine, is light and compact and is designed to bring you to your knees!

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Sex Machine For Two

This machine is made to pleasure not only one person but two. Granted it can be used solo, it takes things to another level by providing pleasure for two people. It produces up to 180 strokes per minute and has a remote control so that you can control your own pleasure. The machine can be purchased without a dildo, with one dildo, or with two dildos.

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The Tremor

This compact machine is designed for a woman to straddle and enjoy the ride. It has a remote to control how much power you want and has additional attachments that can be purchased separately. Made compact and in a flashy pink color, this sex machine is sure to be a ride that won’t be forgotten!!

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The Fleshlight Launch

This sex machine is made for men to feel their manhood stroked without using their hand or a partner. It has a rugged design and the ability to control the the strokes and the speed. This one stands out because it can be synced with other devices, such as a webcam, certains games, and VR goggles. It charges via USB and powers out up to 180 strokes per minute, makiing it a great way to release some built up tension and reaching a powerful climax.

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Extreme Bangin Bench by LoveBotz

This bench is basically a stool designed with straps that allows your body to bounce up and down on your favorite dildo. It is great solo but can also be a treat for couples. While a dildo is not included, you are able to attach any one of your choice.The versatility also allows the bench to be used for straddling the face of a lover, if you choose. It can withstand a maximum of 300 pounds and weighs a little less than 10 pounds.

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Reciprocating Saw Adapter

This sex machine attachment is great for those who want a thrusting machine but may not have the money to afford one. This option is cheaper and only requires a reciprocating saw. Simply attach the toy to the saw and let it do the work. Great for use with a couple!

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The Sybian

This sex machine is definitely a classic and has been causing orgasms for decades. It is deigned to be straddled and has not only vibration movements but rotational movements, as well. Weighing in at 22 pounds and with 4 included attachments, the Sybian makes for a night or day of pure fun.

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The Robo Fuk Machine

This machine is made for couples or individuals, no matter the gender. It has an adjustable height and angle and can be mounted or suctioned to the floor. It does include a dildo and a masterbation sleeve so that all the options are readily available for your sexual fantasies. Women are able to enjoy the thrusting of the dildo, while the men are able to use the masterbation sleeve to reach their climax, as well.

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The Nymphoconda

With a stroke speed of up to 268 per minute and a stroke length of 2 to 7″, this sex machine provides the speed and power to get you to reach your climax in no time. It is can be raised and lower for your desired height and has an eight foot speed adjuster so that you can control the pleasure yourself or have a partner do it for you. Another great feature is the option to purchase other accessories online. This allows your to further customize just how you want to be pleased!

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So, no matter your preference, desire, needs, or wants; there is a sex machine out there for you. Get all the pleasure you’ve been longing for and if you choose, share it with a lover too!!