Best Sex Swings for 2019

With the right toys, you can take your sex game from a 3 to a solid 10! Life is too short to have boring sex, and this is why sex swings were invented. Have you always imagined how it would feel like having sex in space? It would be amazing. Thanks to the lack of gravity in space, you and your partner would be floating around exploring sex positions that you never thought possible.

But, why fantasize about floating sex, yet you can make it a reality by using sex swings. A sex swing suspends your body in the air allowing your partner to push, pull, spin, and enter you from different positions. It takes away all the limitations of having sex on beds.

Are you interested in buying a sex swing? You have come to the right place. Below I have listed the best sex swings on the market. Before we head down to the reviews, I understand that all of us have different sexual desires. It’s why I have included sex swings for bedrooms, dungeons, and even for yoga.

The Best Sex Swings

1. Fully-Suspended sex Swings

This is the real deal. A fully suspended sex swing allows you to take a full 360° spin, thus providing you with an endless list of positions to explore. Other than facing your partner, you can also switch things up with this swing by lying on your tummy, making doggy style positions more accessible.

If you are a submissive enthusiast, then this is the right sex swing for you. It puts the rider under full control of their partners since they can swing you on any direction that pleases them. It also works well with bondage equipment such as handcuffs.


· Comes fitted with foot straps for extra support and balance

· The swing can accommodate a weight of up to 400 pounds

· It gives the rider a 360° spin


· The full suspended sex swing gives you access to lots of sex positions

· It’s balanced and comfortable

· It’s suitable for bondage sex


· You will need to drill a hole in your ceiling to attach it

· Expensive but worth it

2. Door Sex Swing

Nothing beats getting an ‘in the air’ oral. A door sex swing is built to offer you this experience and much more. It entails metal stoppers that hold the swing in place. It is suitable for sex swing missionary and can spice up things in the bedroom.


· It turns your bedroom door into a sex swing

· Super easy to install

· You can adjust the leg straps to ensure comfort

· It supports a weight of up to 400 pounds


· Setting up a door swing is simple

· Currently the most affordable sex swing on the market

· Portable


· Though fun, having your partner bang you against the door can be loud

· Don’t install it on a weak door

3. Portable Sex Swing Stand

You can use this stand to suspend hanging swings. It eliminates the need for making holes in your ceiling or other tedious ‘construction projects’ associated with installing a swing. A portable sex swing stand comes with a manual that guides you in setting it up.


· Portability feature allows you to store it under your bed when not in use

· Measures 12” by 13”

· Holds up to 400 pounds


· Easy to setup

· The installation process can’t take more than 20 minutes

· Versatile with a variety of hanging sex swings


· It’s a bit costly

· Uses up a large floor space

4. Body Sex Swing

We have talked a lot about sex swings hanging from a door, ceiling, or stand. But, what if you could swing from the body of your partner? A body sex swing requires one partner to put it on and the other to fit in their legs on the two loops.

It’s ideal for stand up sex positions since it takes away the element of tiring easily. However, unless your partner is the incredible hulk, don’t expect to swing as you would in a stand.


· Can be adjusted to fit one’s height and size

· The swing has handles to improve grip


· It’s an excellent way for you to explore difficult standing positions

· Ensures maximum penetration


· A body sex swing doesn’t offer the full experience of a complete swing

· Adds extra weight on the swinger’s knees

5. Yoga Sex Swing

A yoga swing is pretty much similar to a sex swing. You can use it to try out different sex position. Plus, if you are a fitness enthusiast, you can use it as both a yoga or sex swing. Not to mention, it acts as the perfect cover-up. If anyone asks, it’s only a yoga swing. You thus don’t have to hide it from anyone.


· You can leave it on 24/7 since everyone will think its only for yoga

· Multipurpose equipment for both sex and yoga

· Easy to install


· People love this kind of swing because it is discreet

· The seat and straps are super comfy

· You can use it for yoga and sex


· The seat is padded mainly for yoga and doesn’t provide sufficient space for entry

· It doesn’t offer 360-degree spinning

Why You May Need A Sex Swing?

Are you tired of the same old sex positions? Well, sex swings bring in a new experience to the table. It combines two fun elements that is a swing and sex. The first thing you need to try when you get yourself a sex swing is the sex swing missionary position. You can be assured of a mind-blowing orgasm since there is no resistance. The only thing that is touching you is your partner.

Sex swings are perfect for BDSM enthusiasts. Hoping into the swing will make you feel restrained, and it gives your partner all the power over your body.

The only downsides to using sex swings is that the installation procedure might be a bit hectic. If you are installing it on the ceiling, you need to ensure it is firm. You may also experience some neck strain because most swings are built it hold your head up. This can, however, be remedied by switching positions. The good news is sex swings gives you the freedom to explore many positions, including missionary, oral, and the doggy style.

Are you tired of all the limitations associated with having sex on your bed, sofa, or kitchen top? Get yourself a sex swing and enjoy the freedom it offers both you and your partner.