Best Male Masturbators on The Market For 2020

Want to experience knee-jerking orgasms?

Well, with the best male masturbators, you can turn your standard jack off into something amazing. Also known as a pocket pussy, or stroker, these toys stimulate the penis enhancing your jack off session. Available in different shapes, sizes and color, they are fantastic toys for some alone time.

Did you know that with the right male masturbator, it can improve your game in the sack? Well, now you do.

In this post, we review the top male masturbators to help you make the right choice.

High-End Male Masturbators

FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration)

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The FLIP ZERO EV (Electronic Vibration) by Tenga offers a new dimension of pleasure. As another Tenga engineered first, it comes with the latest technology. For starters, it features one-button operation with 5 different vibration modes.

They include low, high, pulse, alternating and random. To cycle through the modes, all you have to do is press the button on the slide arms. It has two vibrating motors housed in the elastomer sleeve. This allows for direct rumbling stimulation.

Inside the unit, you have amazing components that complement vibrations. They include a deep impact engine, end gear, central vibration core, and disk gate.

Before using the male masturbator, we recommend that you fully lubricate it. That includes the insertion point.

Things we like

Has 5 vibration modes

USB Rechargeable. Takes 90 minutes to get fully charged

Comes with a 1-year warranty

Easy to clean

Has a powerful deep impact engine for strong vibrations at the top

Things we don’t like

Pointy plastic bits may stab and scrap you

Side clips hard to unclip

Pulse III Solo & Duo by Hot Octopuss

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With the Pulse III Solo and Duo sex toy, you can take foreplay to the next level. Designed with patented PulsePlate technology, the sex toy delivers intense hands-free fun. It has 5 powerful vibration patterns and 9 levels of intensity each. As such, you can seek delight in the intense vibrations generated by the toy.

Simply put, the toy does the hard work leaving you with knee-jerking orgasms. At the press of a button, the sex toy will send rumbly vibrations from the base.

The Pulse III Solo & Duo comes in two models – solo and duo. The Solo model is for you while the Duo model is for you and your partner. The Duo model comes with an extra vibrator for your partner to use when on top of you.

To control the vibrations, it has a remote controller.

Things we like

Has the patented PulsePlate that generates intense vibrations

Easy to clean and maintain

Delivers handsfree foreplay experience

Clever and ergonomic design

Perfect for couples

Things we don’t like

Quite noisy when in operation

Cobra Libre II Vibrator for Men by Fun Factory

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Sensitive and innovative, the Cobra Libre II is one of the best male masturbators. This powerful penis massager envelops your penis in rumbling vibrations. This allows you to experience more powerful orgasms.

Cobra Libre II is a state-of-the-art sex toy. Lined with soft, medical-grade silicone, you can experience breathtaking sensations and ecstasy. The sex toy comes with two motors that deliver intense vibrations to the sensitive part of your penis.

Thanks to its creative design, you don’t have to move back and forth using your hand. You can sit or lie flat on your stomach or back and let the toy to do all the hard work for you. This sex toy is waterproof. As such, it’s easy to clean.

To clean the sex toy, use running water and mild soap. Avoid detergents.

Things we like

Easy to control

It’s lined with extra soft medical grade silicone

Designed to fit the tip of the penis

Has two powerful motors that deliver rumbly vibrations

Easy to clean

Things we don’t like

Not suitable for stroking

Expensive compared to other models

Mid-range Male Masturbators

Fleshlight – Fleshjack Male Masturbator

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Want to experience mind-blowing sensations? Fleshlight masturbator is one of the most popular sex toys for solo male pleasure. Known for mind-blowing experiences, the Fleshlight is a must-have for every man.

Designed to replicate the sensations of sex, the Fleshlight masturbator can help you improve your game in the bedroom. For a clever disguise, the Fleshlight comes in a case. It has a removable cap that conceals the fleshy female orifice.

This also helps to keep dirt, dust, and pathogens at bay. To control the amount of suction, you have the adjustable end cap. Once you are inside, you can adjust the endcap for better suction.

To bring your Fleshlight masturbator to life, you have the removable inner sleeve. Made from silicone, it provides a realistic experience. For an even more realistic experience, soak the sleeve in warm water.

Things we like

Suction is adjustable

Made with silicone – a material that’s close to the human skin

Comes with several accessories and attachments

Users can choose any type of orifice – butt, lady or pure

Different inner textures for an enhanced experience

Things we don’t like

Cleaning is difficult

Flip Hole by Tenga

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For an invigorating stimulation, try the Flip Hole by Tenga. Available with a double-layered interior, it provides maximum stimulation. Thanks to its perfect tightness, it also provides a dynamic experience.

Featuring the One Hand control pad function, it’s easy to operate. Inside, it’s made of elastomer. This provides an ultra-soft touch. Combine this with its astonishing complex shape, what you get is an amazing experience.

The Flip Hole is 7 inches stall. As such, you can insert up to 6.5 inches of the penis shaft. The sleeve’s diameter is 3 inches. Since the casing and the insides are flexible, you will be in control of the stimuli.

Inside, you have three points of accentuated stimuli. You also have Tenga’s pioneering molding technology and moving ball. This creates rolling and dynamic sensations which caress your penis on both sides upon insertion.

Things we like

Has pioneered molding technology that provides sensations beyond your imagination

Features One Hand control function

Easy to clean

Easy to dry

Has a flexible casing

Things we don’t like

It’s a non-vibrating model

Its 7 inches tall

Tenga 3D Series

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Looking for reusable male pleasure toys? The Tenga 3D Series can suit most sizes. Available in different models – Spiral, Module, Zen, Polygon and Pile, they are as pleasurable as they are stylish.

With Spiral, the detailed ribs offer both hard and soft sensations. For Module, the protruding nubs offer a firmer sensation while Zen fine ribs offer a smooth intertwining sensation. Both Pile and Polygon offer accentuated and rippling stimulation.

The interior of the Tenga 3D Series is made from a soft and super stretch material. This delivers knee-trembling sensations during solo pleasure sessions.

Made in Japan, the sleeve is available in both hard and regular editions. The hard edition is made from a firmer material. This delivers incredible sensations. To enhance your experience, you have a water-based lubricant included in the package.

To protect the sex toy when not in use, it comes with discreet storage. Cleaning the sex toy is easy. All you have to do is turn it inside out.

Things we like

Available in different designs

Easy to clean

Easy to use

Water-based lubricant included


Things we don’t like

No added features

Tightness depends with your grip

Cheap Male Masurbators

Quickshot Vantage by Fleshlight

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As one of the compact fleshlight to date, it comes with a winding and grinding screw-like texture. Although it’s cheap, it does offer a great experience. Thanks to its open-ended design, the fleshlight can double as a couple’s sex toy.

Available with the SuperSkin sleeve, you don’t have to worry about plastic bits stabbing you. In fact, the fleshlight offers a dynamic and erotic sensation. Since its transparent, you can watch the action inside the sex toy.

To enhance your experience and stimulation, you have ribs and nubs on the inside. This will enable you to achieve knee-jerking orgasms. When using it with your partner, we recommend using lube. Remember to use less lube as you might lose the great sensation from the ribs and nubs inside.

Things we like

The open-ended design allows couples to pleasure each other

Its transparent design provides a clear view of the action inside

Has ribs and nubs which enhance your stimulation


Easy to clean

Things we don’t like

Can be quite noisy when in use

No suction

Vibra Cup Masturbator Wand by Wand Essentials

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Do you own a Magic Wand? Well then, you can turn it into a powerful masturbator with Vibra Cup. All you have to use is a water-based lubricant and you are good to go. Simply attach the Vibra Cup on your favorite wand massager. Once you attach the Vibra Cup to your massager, the vibrations get transferred to the attachment. As you stroke back and forth, you get to experience gratifying sensations.

It’s made from stretchy and supple material. As such, it can fit both medium and large-sized wands. The Vibra Cup is also transparent which means you can watch the action as it happens.

The interior has stroking fingers. This helps to enhance the sensation allowing you to have knee-jerking orgasms each time. When it comes to cleaning, use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. Don’t forget to rinse and dry before storing.

Things we like

Easy to use

Easy to clean


Fits even the most powerful magic wand

Transparent to give you a view of the action

Things we don’t like

No extra features

Tenga Easy Beat Men’s Portable Pleasure Device

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You may confuse this with the Easter egg buts it’s not. This little Japanese invention from Tenga is a portable pleasure toy. Available in a wide range of textures, the different varieties offer great experiences. The interior is elastomer-based. As such, it expands on insertion to accommodate your penis.

In fact, it offers a snug fit despite the penis size. As a one size fits all, it comes in 6 varieties. You have spider, wavy, clicker, silky, stepper and twister. As such, you can enjoy a different experience every night.

To enhance your experience, each eggs comes with a water-based lubricant comes. Want to know how it works? Open the Tenga EGG cover to extract the lubricant inside. Lubricate the interior and cap yourself. Play with the EGG by stretching it. The ribbed interior will stimulate the penis shaft resulting in intense pleasure.

Things we like


Available in 6 different varieties

Made from super stretchable elastomer

Comes in an easy to carry case

Easy to use

Things we don’t like

Included lubricant is one use only

It’s not environmentally friendly

How To Choose The Best Male Masturbator

When shopping for the best male masturbator, there are a couple of things to take into account. We now cover some of the factors to consider before buying a male masturbator.

Brand, Make and Model

Let’s face it. There are hundreds of brands out there. Each brand specializes in making male and female sex toys. Each toy they make has unique features. For instance, some are transparent while others are not. Some vibrate while others do not.

There are well-known brands out there. These brands make high-quality sex toys for male and females. They also include amazing features to enable users to have powerful orgasms. If you are shopping for a male masturbator, we recommend checking out the brand’s reputation.

How? By reading online reviews and checking forums such as Reddit.


When it comes to the best male masturbators, penis size is a critical factor. If you want to experience knee-jerking orgasms, you have to consider the size. Majority of brands make sex toys that fit almost everyone. If you have an average size penis, this should not be a problem.

If you have a large penis, you need to find a sex toy that can accommodate your penis size. Apart from penis size, another reason to consider the size is storage. If you travel regularly, you need a compact-sized sex toy to pleasure yourself.

As such, the best should be discrete and fit easily in your travel bag. Also, you might want to keep it hidden from your kids.


To experience a dynamic sensation, the masturbator should be of high-quality material. Most sex toys are silicone-based while others are thermoplastic elastomer-based. Both materials offer the same experience as the human skin. But, silicone feels very realistic. Also, it’s hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

Thermoplastic elastomer is soft and quite comfortable. This material is cheaper and economical compared to silicone. It’s hypoallergenic too but at times it has an unsettling odor.

For added pleasure, sex toy makers include different textures inside. That is ribs and nubs. To be safe, make sure that you are not allergic to silicone. The good news is, most sex toys are safe to use with water-based lubricants.

Oral, Vagina or Anal

Most guys prefer vagina looking masturbators because they fulfill their fantasies. Some guys would like to enhance their sex life with their partners. Such guys will opt for oral, vagina and anal. As such, they get to participate in a pleasure session with their partners.

If you want sex toys for solo plays, pick one that gets your mind racing. For sex toys that bring explosive ecstasy for you and your partner, chose those that offer all three options.


When it comes to pleasure, price is a factor. If you want a male masturbator that offers a realistic experience, you have to pay more. Such models have features like vibration modes and a variety of orifices. Also, they are USB rechargeable.

For cheaper models, they do not have the extra features. But, they do have ribs and nubs which grip your penis shaft tightly. This brings explosive ecstasy with each use. So, before you buy a male masturbator, budget.

Wrapping Up

Masturbation is one of the favorite past times for men. In fact, you will find most men getting off in the shower or before bed. Traditionally, men have used their hands. Problem is, the experience has not always been pleasant.

With the best male masturbators, men can enhance their experience. Male masturbators are silicone or thermoplastic elastomer-based. They have ribs and nubs to provide explosive pleasure. Some have more than two vibrating modes and are USB rechargeable.

So, if you want your dick to thank you, get one of the male masturbators reviewed above.

You will not regret the purchase.