Best Long Distance Sex Toys Review for Relationships & Lovers

Top Long-Distance Sex Toys for Couples

Maintaining some intimacy with your partner while on a long distance relationship can be difficult. You will spend much of your time trying to figure out the best way you could try out to actually feel your partner’s presence without any success. You will probably plan visits to at least have each other close, make Skype dates, watch the same shows, make video calls and of course masturbate but you will still need something extra to bring some sexual intimacy amongst yourselves.

With the technological advancements however, sex toys have been produced to always keep you connected to your spouse even at a far distance. These sex toys can easily be controlled by a smartphone app which would make you feel your partner’s presence through imagination even if they are miles away. Basically these sex toys brings some intimacy with your partner as your spouse tries to control the sex toy through their phone and you imagining that they are actually doing it makes you experience their presence even when they are 1000 miles away.

Basically, sex toys records and sends simulations to your spouse’s toy and therefore you need some network connection to phone, tablet, laptop or any other device that can support the app. The sex toys comes in pairs that can be synced together with the stroker being for the man and a vibrator for the woman and therefore you can Skype and have some dirty chats which will keep you synced up with the use of the sex toys.

We know it is difficult making a selection of the best sex toys that can keep the spike up especially when you are not close to each other. Therefore this guide is meant to provide you with a list of options from which you can get the best choice that suits you both as a couple.

Clone A Willy and Clone A Pussy

This is a DIY long distance sex toy because as the name suggests, you create genitals to look and feel exactly like those of your partner. Thus, you can customize the toy depending on who your partner is. This kit comes with and comprises of clear and skin colored silicone, molding powder, stirring stick, a thermometer, and a plastic vibrator. On your own you need to get some scissors, measuring cup, mixing bowls, cardboard, water, stopwatch, and sharpie pen. At some point you might wonder if you will be cooking some dishes because of the mixing bowls and water, but hey! It’s just sex.


This toy is a massager for women created by Lelo, a Swedish Company. It comes in versions where presently we have the Tiani 2 and 3 versions. The Tiani 2 has a wider square shaped head whereas the Tiani 3 has a narrower head. The Tiani 3 can also be app controlled. The amount of stimulation you like to have will influence the choice you make between both versions. Both versions are remote-controlled by your sex partner and can be used during intercourse. Tiani is highly recommended for interactive one -on-one sex.

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe is built by Standard Innovation Corporation, a Canadian company. As the name suggests, the tool connects to and is controlled by an app called We Connect. Even so, it comes in a very simple manner. Just a primary device, and a compatible cock ring. However, never underestimate the power that We-Vibe Sync has.We believe this is one of the best long distance sex toys ever created.

Just like the Clone A Willy and Clone A Pussy toy, the We-Vibe toy is made of silicone of standard medical grade.

It is actually very pocket friendly and very durable which is why it is worth investing in. In addition, it has hinges to fit people of all body sizes and its super strong vibrations give greater satisfaction compared to other toys like the Tiani 3. It is possible to adjust the speeds of these vibration depending on your preferences. Additionally, it comes in different shapes and sizes since you all have your own preferences. It can also be customized the way you would like. You also don’t have to worry about your privacy since the We Connect app has got your data safe. With this remote control sex toy, long-distance sex simulations are very easy to accomplish.

Kiroo Onyx & Pearl

These are two paired sex toys that simulates sex between couples in a long-distance relationship The kiroo onyx is a powerful male stroker designed in such a way that it can easily connect to the female vibrator the pearl. The kiroo onyx2 has a stroking speed of about 140 strokes per minute. The stroker contains a series of rings that necessitates some pulsations up and down the penis creating some sweet sexual intimacy.

Pearl, on the other hand, is a curved female vibrator that causes a stimulation on the g-spot. The touch sensitivity technology causes some sense of a real time sex with your partner.

How kiroo onyx and Pearl works

This set is controlled using the feelconnect app. The stroking action in the kiroo onyx equals the vibration speed hence causing the same virtual sex rhythm for both couples. The kiroo onyx and Pearl pair has been used for a long time now and still remains to be one of the best sex toys for couples trying to keep and strengthen their long distance relationships. However this pair requires some strong network connection for a successful sex experience.

Max and Nora

Max and Nora are products from Lovense’s company and are highly recommended for hitting the spot out of all the long-distance sex toys. Max uses air-pump technology to enhance movements during use. Nora has a rabbit design with beads inside the shaft meant to sync with your body contact. The app works by connecting both toys such that you are able to experience the same sex rhythm at the same time. The app can also support other features such as music played to create some cool sexual mood for both partners.