Best Penis Sleeves For Men – Top Dick Enlargers for 2020

Best Penis Sleeves For Men

There are a number of reasons why penis sleeves are becoming increasingly popular on the sex toy market. Not only are they wildly flexible, taking your pleasure capabilities to new heights, but they also give you the ability to pleasure anyone at any time.

Whether you struggle with erectile dysfunction, a small penis, or you just want to add a little extra fun to your sexcapades, a cock sheath can really elevate yours and your partner’s pleasure.

If you’re asking, “What the heck even is a penis sleeve?”, don’t worry — you’re not alone. In fact, this is still a fairly new item as far as the sex toy industry is concerned. Want to know more about it first? Interested in knowing how it feels, and how it can enhance pleasure for all parties involved? Kinkly can help!

Since this is a fairly new item, it’s worth exploring it together. I took the time to research some of the hottest penis sleeves for men in order to figure out what people like, and what people are buying. I took the liberty of listing them out here, so that you can find a one-stop-shop to narrow down your selection. I only look for the best of the best, so you know your penis is in good hands (or should I say sleeves).

Get to know what’s best for you and your partner, and browse the 11 best cock sheaths below!

1. Lovehoney Clear Penis Sleeve

Why go the extra mile, when all you need is the extra inch? That’s exactly what this sleeve provides, giving you the extra touch to take your partner’s pleasure even further.

Like a dildo or fleshlight, it’s fashioned from soft silicone so it’s pretty comfortable to wear. It can easily stretch and move to accommodate nearly any size penis, while being just tight enough to give you enough pleasure to keep you hard all night long. There’s also an added loop that can wrap around your testicles to keep them in place, so you don’t have to worry about hurting them while you do your thing.

Not only is it clear so you can still see all of your natural beauty underneath, but it’s also molded with ultra-realistic veins and skin folds. The cockhead is a nice touch, adding realism to enhance pleasure even further.


That extra inch really means a lot, and the flexibility will make you feel great while wearing it. It might be tricky to figure out how to get it on, but after your first attempt or two, it will feel completely natural.

Make sure to only use water-based lube, as this is a silicone product!

2. Vixen Ride On Sleeve

Designed for slightly smaller peckers, the Vixen Ride On Sleeve will give you a tight – but comfortable – fit. Made by the super popular and high-quality Vixen CreationsⓇ, it’s a bit pricey but totally worth every penny for the pleasure it delivers. 

It was actually the first penis sleeve made by Vixen CreationsⓇ, and it’s surprisingly built to last. Not only is it fitted with those extra-soft silicone layers that mimic real skin, but it also has all the natural veins and bumps that any penis would have. While it’s a great product for those that struggle with ED or other frustrating conditions, it’s really a fun toy that anybody can use. 

It’s insertable length measures 6.25”, and it has an inner diameter of 1”. Some people find it a little hard to put on, and it can be tricky coordinating the ball loop just right, but like anything, with practice comes perfect. 

Make sure to only use water-based lube, as this is a silicone product!

3. Fantasy X-Tensions Vibrating Penis Extender

This is a super fun toy that adds up to ⅓ more girth and 2 extra inches to your dick. Not only does it come with a ball loop for extra security, but you can also enjoy a bullet vibrator for added sensation!

This is one of the first of its kind, as a sleeve that also comes as a vibrator. The vibrator is attached to the base of the toy, so you can get lots of pleasure on your own while also having plenty to share with your partner. 

It’s fully waterproof, meaning that you can even play with this bad boy in the shower or bathtub. Even the vibrator mechanic is waterproof, so you don’t need to take any precautions while wearing it. You can clean it easily as well. It’s definitely worth the price, and can give you endless hours of fun. Keep in mind that this is designed for slightly smaller penises, so if you’re blessed with a huge growth, you may not be able to fit inside of it. Some have complained about the firmness of the head, but for others, that’s a huge advantage. It’s up to you to decide!

4. Calexotics Penis Extension

Want two extra inches? You’ll get that, and more, with the Calexotics Penis Extension. It’s different from the above products in that it comes with a mesh sleeve, so that half of your dick is still exposed to be seen in all of its natural goodness. 

As far as the head goes, it comes with a curved tip, so you can use the sleeve to help hit those special places deep inside of your partner. Since the rest of the sleeve is mesh, it leaves a lot of opportunity for physical contact with your actual penis, which will enhance the pleasure of everybody involved. 

This is a 100% waterproof product that may not look as realistic as some of the other cock sheaths out there, but it’s very affordable and built for pleasure, making it a great choice for first-timers.

5. Mega Mighty Penis Sleeve Kit

Trying to decide what kind of penis sleeve to get? Why not get them all in one handy kit? This is the ultimate package for those who are looking to enhance their package. Each sheath offers differences in size, shape, girth, texture, and vibration. It comes with a bullet vibrator so you can enjoy even more sensations when you’re doing your thing with your partner. 

The additional loop is easy to attach to your scrotum to hold your balls in place, which also helps to hold the sheath in place. As you can see, there are quite a lot of large options, but they are built to accommodate dicks of any size. 

Another thing that should be noted, is that these sheaths are made from TPE and not silicone. They may be a tad more difficult to clean, but you’ll be instructed on how to handle your products with care. 

6. Real Feel Penis Enhancer

For those who are just starting out with cock sheaths for the first time, this might be a good place to start. The Real Feel Penis Enhancer has an open tip which allows you to adjust it to accommodate your size or length. 

It’s made to measure 5.5” long, and adds about 33% more girth to your penis. Plus, it’s made with a patented material known as FantaFlesh™ so it feels super real to both you and your partner. 

The material is so soft and flexible, that you can actually cut it. In fact, it’s encouraged that your trim it at either the tip or the base so that it can fit your pecker just right. It’s not meant to cover up your penis, but rather accentuate all of its best features. With the Real Feel Penis Enhancer, you can control the level of your orgasms and erections.

It’s made of TPE, so it may be a bit porous if you try to wash it with water alone.

7. Bad Dragon Magnus Sheath

If Bad Dragon is known for one thing, it’s adding fantasy to reality. This massive cock sheath looks like it belongs to an enchanted creature, one who is horny and ready to have a good time. There are protrusions halfway up the big shaft, giving it even more texture and a realistic feel. 

There are two different sizes available, so you can choose the one that best fits your natural size. It doesn’t really add much in terms of length, but what it doesn’t extend, it makes up for with girth. It’s super thick, and will give lots of penetrative pleasure if your partner is into that. It has an open tip, so the front of your penis can stick through. This will give you direct contact with your partner so you can experience the joy of this awesome toy.

8. Vixen Colossus Penis Sleeve

Another wonderful invention from Vixen CreationsⓇ, the Vixen Colossus Penis Sleeve is one of the most popular sheaths on the market today. This is partially due to its massive size, measuring 6.75” in insertable length. 

It’s made with the patented VixSkinⓇ silicone, imitating real skin with layers of softness and firmness put together. You can stroke it just like a real cock, and it will please you or your partner all the same. 

It’s more flexible than other penis sleeves on the market, and the head is built for ultimate penetration and pleasure. A mild disadvantage is that the walls are so thick, that the wearer may not feel as much sensation as he would with other sheaths. It’s also quite high in the price range, but the added pleasure can be worthwhile to some folks.

Make sure to only use water-based lube, as this is a silicone product!

9. Vixen Holster Penis Extender

There’s a reason why the products from Vixen CreationsⓇ appear often on this list. It’s because they are built to last, with quality, realism, and increased sensations in mind. It is really similar to the Colossus, but a little bit smaller to accommodate those who may not have as much natural size. It’s a good stepping stone up to the Colossus, as it can add a little bit of extra length and girth, but not so much that it completely overwhelms what you have naturally.  

Plus, it’s slightly cheaper than the COlossus. It offers a good balance between firmness and flexibility, so you can try out different activities with it to see what tickles your fancy the most.

It’s recommended to warm it up a little bit before use, as that can feel better for both the wearer and the partner. It comes with a firm loop to keep the balls and sheath in place, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out while you’re in the middle of a fun session.

Make sure to only use water-based lube, as this is a silicone product!

10. PipeDream Fantasy X-tensions

A huge penis extender, the PipeDream Fantasy X-tensions is built to add up to 3 extra inches of length and 66% more girth. This is for the true size queens out there! 

Another FantaFlesh™ creation, it’s built for realism with soft skin and popping veins that are sure to give pleasure to whoever receives this sheath deep inside. It’s soft enough that you can trim the base to better fit your size, but firm enough that it offers a reliable erection and a lifelike experience for both you and your partner. 

People have reported on its flexibility, saying that it bends a bit upon insertion due to its massive size. It’s one of the few cock sheaths out there that doesn’t come with a ball strap, so you may have to spend more time figuring out exactly how to secure it into place. But if you’re looking for added length and girth, this huge sheath is bound to catch your eye.

11. Tiger’s Talwar Wearable Dildo

A lot of different people are into a lot of different kinks, and this one will really suit those with curious minds. Tiger’s Talwar Wearable Dildo is made of pure silicone, comes in four different sizes, and can be picked among 12 colors. It’s a fantastic way to add fantasy and realism together. This cock will make your partner explode with pleasure. 

It’s quite big, too; it measures 7.6” long, and the girth is nothing to complain about. It’s noted as one of the longest cock sleeves on the market, allowing you to have tons of fun in an enchanted way. The head is lined with bumps to increase sensation, and the wearer will be able to get in on the pleasure action too with the skin-thin silicone walls. 

Some partners complain about it being too big for insertion, so keep in mind whether you’re a size queen or not. It comes with a ball loop, and it has a little bit of a scrotum itself, so it will rest comfortably on your natural bits while you have fun with it. 

Use Your Penis Sleeve With Ease!

Penis sleeves are basically strap-on dildos for those with penises. They are typically very easy to put on, and can be slipped over your erection with ease. Use the added ball loop for extra security, if your sheath comes with one. Many people have trouble figuring them out, especially if it’s their first time. But with practice, it will be like second nature in no time. 

One thing I find really fun about cock sheaths is that there are so many different kinds, as well as so many additions you can put on them. For example, having a bullet vibrator can really come in handy when you want to enhance both yours and your partner’s pleasure. While some of the cock sheaths are designed to look and feel like real penises, others are made for those with more fantasy-based kinks in mind. Either way, there is something out there for everyone, and if you’ve found something on this list that you’re interested in, I encourage you to try it! Any thoughts, questions, or concerns? Leave a comment below!