Best Bullet Vibrators – Full Review Of A Vibrator That Fits In Your Pocket

Best Bullet Vibrators Review

Bullet vibrators are magical things. They can be added to almost any kind of sex toy for added sensation and pleasure. Or you can enjoy them all by their lonesome. All you need to do is press it against your clit, or insert it inside you, and you’re in for a mighty good time. 


But what’s all of this buzzing and vibing about? What exactly is a bullet vibrator, and how many different types of bullet vibrators are there? Getting into the sex toy game can be tricky, especially with such a wide range of options on the market. Let’s talk about some of the most common types of vibes: Bullets, eggs, and mini vibes. They all offer something unique when it comes to portability and insertion capability. While I explain what all of these different vibrators are, and what they do, I’ll also review my top 25 favorite bullet vibrators that I believe are the best on the market. 

Bullet Vibrators

Let’s get one thing straight: Bullet vibrators are named for their shape and size. They are literally little bullets of pleasure that can be held in your hand and pressed against your sensitive anatomy while you masturbate. They can be squeezed between you and your partner during sex, or they can be added to your favorite toy to enhance the self-pleasure experience. 


Most bullet vibrators are small, and are used when other toys are just too big to do the trick. 

Egg Vibrators

Much like bullets, egg vibrators are small vibes that are used to hit those detailed pleasure spots. They are typically even smaller than bullets, and come with cords or attachments that let you control them as you put them inside you. Some of them are even more technologically advanced, with remote-control features that let your partner have in on the fun. 

Mini Vibes

For palm-sized pleasure, these mini vibes will give you the best of everything. They are cute, small, round, and perfect to deliver pleasure directly to your opening. Since they are thicker and rounder than typical bullet vibes, they usually come with a stronger motor. This is a powerful vibration delivered in miniature form to give you ultimate pleasure in a different way. 


They aren’t as portable as bullets or eggs, though. They can sometimes be hard to hold during sex, since you need to use your palm to firmly grip them. But they can still be useful in particular sex situations. 


Bullets, eggs, and mini vibes all have their place in the bedroom. Check out this list of my top 20 picks for the best bullet vibrators the sex toy market has to offer!


1. EcoBullet

The EcoBullet is an Earth-friendly bullet vibe made from biodegradable plastic. It isn’t exactly silicone, but it definitely does the trick. It’s a strong vibrator, despite what appearances may imply. It has to be one of the cheapest sex toys imaginable, at only $8.99 per vibe. This one’s good for sex and good for the planet! 


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2. Ave Natur Rise

This is one of the newest mini vibrators on the market, listed in early 2019, but already it’s making great strides as one of the most unique and pleasurable toys out there. It definitely boasts a unique shape, and it has 7 different vibration settings to enjoy. It’s made from safe silicone and totally rechargeable. The price is mid-range at $50. 


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3. Squish

Squish is a perfect vibrator egg that changes the intensity of its vibrations depending on how hard you squeeze it. This little thing will really get you in the mood, allowing you to control every aspect of your pleasure. It’s about $99, which is pricey, but not terrible for what you get.


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4. Crave Vesper

It’s discreet enough to be worn as a necklace, which is what a lot of people do. This is a pure stainless steel vibrator, designed to deliver 4 different levels of intense vibrations to your body. There’s a button you can push to control everything. For $69, it’s a steal. Just push the button and have fun.


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5. Umania Bullet

One of the cheapest bullet vibrators on the market at just $13, the Umania is quite wonderful. It’s a strong vibrator that comes with a warranty, even if you try it out. And who wouldn’t want to try it out, with over 10 different vibration patterns and rechargeable qualities? It’s the top rated bullet vibe on Amazon for a reason.


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6. Maude Personal Massager


If discretion is your thing, then you’ll enjoy this bullet vibrator. It’s made by a home supply company, which is why it’s labeled as a “personal massager” – but it’ll definitely do the trick. It’s only $45, which is great considering how powerful of a vibrator it is. There are three different speeds, and it’s stylish to boot.


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7. Echo

Yes, it’s on Amazon, and yes, it’s called an Echo, but it’s not your typical AI virtual assistant. Although, it will assist you with intense yet soothing vibration to deliver a good amount of pleasure. It’s ergonomically designed so your hand doesn’t cramp while you hold it, and it has 8 different intensities to play with. At $35, it’s quite a steal!


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8. Classic Bullet Vibrator


One of the top rated mini bullet vibes on Amazon, it’s a great way to stay quiet and discreet while enjoying your sexual pleasures. It’s pretty quiet to begin with, but it also comes with a silicone coating which helps muffle the sounds of the motor. It’s also waterproof, so you can take it into the tub for further enjoyment.


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9. Odeco Egg Vibrator

This uniquely-shaped egg vibrator is a huge hit on Amazon, with some of the highest reviews and biggest number of purchases. It’s easy to see why, considering this small but powerful egg is packed with 6 different vibration patterns and a remote control so you can contribute to your partner’s pleasure. It’s rechargeable, waterproof, and all that jazz, for just $40.


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10. Emojibator Eggplant Bullet

A beautiful ode to the eggplant emoji, this bullet vibrator takes its implied meaning to a literal level. It’s totally waterproof, and part of a balanced meal – of orgasms, that is. You can enjoy 10 different vibration styles with this big guy, and it even pulses while underwater. If you didn’t enjoy the eggplant emoji before, you sure will now!


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11.  LELO MIA™ 2


A beautiful production from LELO, a luxury sex toy designer, the MIA™ 2 is designed for elegance and quality. There are six vibration settings, from soft to intense. It comes with a USB charger, so you never have to worry about battery replacement. With an assortment of settings, colors, and warranties to choose from, it’s easy to see how this is rated so highly on the market.


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12. Iroha Lipstick Bullet


It’s a fun quirky vibrator for only $20 that offers a lot of pleasure, and can also be quite the conversation piece! It has soft silicone outside and 5 different vibration settings to keep you satisfied all night long.


The only downside is that you need to put in a AAA battery each time it stops working, as there are no rechargeable features.


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13.  Broad City Egg Vibrator

Even TV shows can get in on the fun with custom branded vibrators. I love it because it’s fun. This vibrator is cute and actually works really well; plus, it’s only $20! You can enjoy 4 different vibe settings plus a variety of novelty features that make this a unique item.


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14. Screaming-O Bullet Vibrator

This bullet vibrator is short, simple, and to the point. It might not scream elegance, but it offers over 10 different vibration speeds and a remote control that you or your partner can wear to dictate every ounce of pleasure. For $25 (or $36 with the remote), it’s not a bad deal at all.


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15. Iroha Mini


A wildly popular item, the Tenga Iroha Mini Fuji Massager is a bargain at $25. It’s biggest pitfall is that it only has 1 vibration setting, that is not super strong but not super soft either. It’s made from ABS plastic, so it’s not squishy like you would think. But it’s super quiet, super cute, and super useful when you’re in the mood to elevate your fun.


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16. WeVibe Tango


It may not look like much, but it’s actually one of the hottest bullet vibrators on the market today. The WeVibe Tango is a highly sought-after vibrator that offers 6 powerful patterns while promising extreme clit stimulation. If your clit is too sensitive, you may want to avoid this bad boy. For just under $75, it’s a really good deal.


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17. Emma Egg Vibrator

This is a very unique and elegant vibrator in that it is named after Lady Emma Hamilton, an artist who lived in London in the 18th Century. (Read more here!) She was a powerful woman who made all of Europe know her name, and now this egg has been made to deliver you all the same sensations of power and intimacy. There are 8 different vibration patterns, 12 different speeds, and a big center button to control it all. That’s a total of 96 different combinations – yes, I did the math! It’s one of the pricier products at $140, but the elegance is worth it.


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18. Aneros Muze


Possibly one of the most expensive bullet vibrators on the market today, the Aneros Muze is not to be underestimated. It’s made of stainless steel, and it measures 3.9” so you can have a whole range of fun. It does require a AAA battery to function, which is unfortunate considering the price, but the feel of this vibrator is unmatched.


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19. The Bougie Bullet

The Bougie Bullet is made by FemmeFunn, specializing in products that enhance women’s pleasure. It comes with a stylish traveling case for ultimate discretion. The price is slightly steep at $100, but it offers over 20 different functions and vibrations for you to try out. 


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20. Ave Sky – Nimbus

A beautiful and uniquely-shaped bullet vibrator, this is on par with the Ave Natur collection. It’s part of something called the Sky collection, and although it’s $110, it offers a lot of sophisticated talent. There are 7 different vibration patterns to enjoy, plus it’s rechargeable so no need to ever think about batteries. Take this waterproof cloud to the next level!


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21. Zalo Self-Heating Thrusting Bullet

This is a very technologically advanced bullet vibe. Made by Zalo, it actually heats itself up before use, so you don’t have to bother with something cold and uncomfortable. It will automatically adjust to your inner body temperature to help you cliamx. It has 6 different thrusting modes, and a turbo mode when you’re ready to finish. The ridges are great for outside and inside pleasure. 


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22. LELO Lyla 2

It’s no secret that any product from LELO is bound to be good. The same can be said for the Lyla 2, an advanced egg vibrator that really delivers in pleasure and intensity. It’s as silent as they get, even with the 8 different vibration patterns it comes with. It also comes with a remote that works up to 39 feet away – give your partner a whirl at it!


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23. Zalo Baby Star


Another hot Zalo item, the Baby Star looks like an expensive piece of jewelry. In fact, it kind of is, with an 18K gold plating on top. That’s part of the price, set at over $100. Another price point is the unique music feature, where you can match its vibration patterns and intensity to the music you’re playing. Moaning loudly may also cause it to respond. It’s here to listen to your needs.


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24. Rose Revitalize

A differently-shaped vibrator, this one comes with 3 attachments, all with different pleasure bumps and vibration settings. It only costs $19, so it’s a steal considering how pretty and multi-functional it is. Batteries are included, but you’ll need to buy more in the future. 


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25. Je Joue Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators come in many shapes and forms. They are even available as bullet vibes, and this one has five speeds and up to seven different patterns. The bunny ears aren’t just cute, but they’re also soft and floppy, so you can tickle yourself in all the right places. This is a great gift for your clit, which can receive small, medium, or heavy vibrations to its liking.


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When it comes to bullet vibrators, there’s a little something for everyone. Whether you are looking for power, intensity, variation, or budget, you’re bound to find something good on this list. Have questions? Need more info on bullet vibrators? Leave a comment below!