Best Bullet Vibrators – Review Of One That Fits In Your Pocket

Best Bullet Vibrators – Review Of One That Fits In Your Pocket

Best Bullet Vibrators Review

Bullet vibrators are magical things. They can be added to almost any kind of sex toy for added sensation and pleasure. Or you can enjoy them all by their lonesome. All you need to do is press it against your clit, or insert it inside you, and you’re in for a mighty good time. The biggest different between a bullet and a normal vibrator is the size and portability. 

But what’s all of this buzzing and vibing about? What exactly is a bullet vibrator, and how many different types of bullet vibrators are there? Getting into the sex toy game can be tricky, especially with such a wide range of options on the market. Let’s talk about some of the most common types of vibes: Bullets, eggs, and mini vibes. They all offer something unique when it comes to portability and insertion capability. While I explain what all of these different vibrators are, and what they do, I’ll also review my top favorite bullet vibrators that I believe are the best on the market.

Bullet Vibrators

Let’s get one thing straight: Bullet vibrators are named for their shape and size. They are literally little bullets of pleasure that can be held in your hand and pressed against your sensitive anatomy while you masturbate. They can be squeezed between you and your partner during sex, or they can be added to your favorite toy to enhance the self-pleasure experience.

Most bullet vibrators are small, and are used when other toys are just too big to do the trick.

Egg Vibrators

Much like bullets, egg vibrators are small vibes that are used to hit those detailed pleasure spots. They are typically even smaller than bullets, and come with cords or attachments that let you control them as you put them inside you. Some of them are even more technologically advanced, with remote-control features that let your partner have in on the fun.

Mini Vibes

For palm-sized pleasure, these mini vibes will give you the best of everything. They are cute, small, round, and perfect to deliver pleasure directly to your opening. Since they are thicker and rounder than typical bullet vibes, they usually come with a stronger motor. This is a powerful vibration delivered in miniature form to give you ultimate pleasure in a different way.

They aren’t as portable as bullets or eggs, though. They can sometimes be hard to hold during sex, since you need to use your palm to firmly grip them. But they can still be useful in particular sex situations.

Bullets, eggs, and mini vibes all have their place in the bedroom.

Check out this list of my top picks for the best bullet vibrators the sex toy market has to offer!

Crave Vesper

It’s discreet enough to be worn as a necklace, which is what a lot of people do. This is a pure stainless steel vibrator, designed to deliver 4 different levels of intense vibrations to your body. There’s a button you can push to control everything. For $69, it’s a steal. Just push the button and have fun.