Best Vibrators Reviewed: Brands Comparison

Best Vibrators Reviewed: Brands Comparison

Shopping for the best vibrator?

Vibrators offer the easiest way to experience immeasurable pleasure instantly. Available in all shapes and sizes, they are overwhelming and life-changing. Apart from immeasurable pleasure, vibrators can help you learn how to respond to different sensations.

They can help you to spice up your sexual relationship and increase the rate of your orgasms. Shopping for the best vibrators can be intimidating for beginners. Luck you, modern technology allows you to shop from the comfort of your home and have the product shipped to your doorstep discreetly.

In this post, we review the top 4 vibrators.

Top 4 Vibrators Reviews – The Best Sexy Vibrator Brands

There are hundreds of brands and vibrator models on the market. To make your shopping easier, we’ve rounded up the best 4 vibrators that will leave you wanting more.

The Tremor – Rock & Roll Sex Machine

The Tremor Rock & Roll Sex Machine is a one of a kind sex toy. As a ride-on sex machine, its lightweight with an A-frame sleek base. It comes with a removable silicone pad that is easy to clean and provides comfort.

Two high-quality silicone attachments come with the package. They include the bridge and the whammy bar. The bridge is a low-profile attachment. It’s non-insertable and compatible with the rock vibration.

For the whammy bar, it’s an insertable attachment. It offers clitoral stimulation bumps that provide immeasurable rotation and vibrations to the user. All attachments are 100% medical grade silicone. As such, the device is body-safe and skin-friendly.

It has a single-handed remote control that provides total control of the sex-machine. As such, you can concentrate on your pleasure without any interruptions.

Things we liked

• The plastic frame is available in an ergonomic design for comfort and better control
• Comes with two attachments to enhance your pleasure
• The removable comfort pad is silicone-based
• Has a single wired remote for better control
• Easy to set up

Things we don’t like

• Expensive compared to other models
• Can be noisy at higher settings

Mia 2 Vibrator by Lelo

Compact and powerful, this bullet shaped vibrator is the first-ever USB rechargeable design from Lelo. The Mia 2 vibrator is an iconic massager with the capability of helping you achieve clitoral climax in an instant.

Created for women who are not afraid to explore their desires, it has 6 vibration patterns with adjustable strength. From a satisfying pulse to a teasing murmur, you can find the right setting and enjoy the intense vibrations. As such, the vibrator is perfect for G spotting and vaginal stimulation.

It’s fully waterproof up to 1 m. This means you can take the vibrator with you in the shower or the bath. The sleek design makes it easy to store in your travel case or purse. You can carry it with you on your travels discreetly.

When it comes to cleaning, use warm water. This will help to get rid of body fluids and prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. The vibrator has a 4.4-inch body and is quick to charge.

It has an integrated USB connector which means you can connect it to your laptop or even phone charge. When charging, a pink light flashes on and off. Once its fully charged, the light will remain on.

The vibrator takes an hour to charge.

Things we liked

• Has an integrated USB connector for fast charging
• Available in a compact and sleek design
• 6 vibration patterns with adjustable length allow you to find the perfect level of stimulation
• Fully waterproof
• Lightweight and easy to pack

Things we don’t like

• Expensive compared to similar

Lush 2 Bluetooth Vibrator by Lovesense

Perfect for solo play, foreplay and public play (discreetly), the Lush 2 Bluetooth vibrator is a great choice. This is true especially for women who would love to surrender themselves to another person’s whims. As a powerful Bluetooth vibrator, you can have fun at close range or long distance.

When connected to the Lovesense Remote app, you can control the vibrator at a range of 20 to 45 feet. Since the app connects to the internet, you can control the vibrator via the internet. In fact, you can let your partner control the vibrations, patterns, and intensity via the remote app.

The button location is on the narrow end and allows you to it on/off while wearing it. For better control range and good connectivity, the Bluetooth chip is at the end of the antennae. The big motor that produces power vibrations and patterns is at the insertable end.

The motor is nearly silent once inserted. You can use it while at home or in public places without worrying. Its highest sound level is 45.5 decibels. Apart from the unlimited vibration patterns, you can sync with your favorite music and turn the beats into quivering orgasms.

Things we liked

• Specially curved to hit your G spot
• Remote-controlled over the internet
• Has unlimited vibration patterns
• Easy to turn on/off even while wearing it
• The motor is near silent
• USB rechargeable

Things we don’t like

• Expensive compared to similar products

Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager by Hitachi

As the best wand vibrator in the market, the Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager can make your experience magical. It’s cordless which means you can travel with it anywhere you go. It has a powerful motor and a silicone head.

Combined, the Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager delivers strong and penetrating vibrations. This version is a great improvement compared to the original. The head is silicone-based. As such, its body safe.

It has a soft and flexible neck with four intensity levels and different vibration patterns. Users can select their favorite settings using responsive buttons. In fact, it can operate even while plugged in.

The powerful motor has the capability of 6,300 revolutions per minute. It has four-speed settings capable of 2,700 rpm, 3800 rpm, 5400 rpm, and 6300 rpm. Weighing 1.3 pounds, it’s backed by a 1-year warranty.

In the package, you will find a charging adapter and a 7-foot cord.

Things we liked

• Has four speeds and four vibration patterns
• Powerful motor capable of 6300 rpm
• Body-safe silicone head
• Easy to use responsive controls
• Can use it while still charging

Things we don’t like

• Large in size making it difficult to hide
• Very loud at the highest setting

Choosing the Best Vibrator

Buying a vibrator is an intimate decision. Everyone deserves a vibrator that will make their experience ooohhh-some. To help you buy the best vibrator, here are the top five things to consider.

Consider the Shape

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a vibrator? A penis-shaped plastic toy. Thanks to technology, there are more vibrators that come in different shapes and designs. Some have a graceful curve while others are wand-like.

If it’s your first-time shopping for a vibrator, it can be a little intimidating. So, how do you go about choosing the right shape? Well, the first thing to consider is your needs. Are you looking for a vibrator that will stimulate your vagina(clitoris), for G spotting or both?

For vaginal stimulation only, try a bullet vibrator and for G spotting, look for one with a graceful curve. This will hit the G spot at the right angle sending intense sensation all over your body.

Type of Material

Let’s face