Island Life is not Real Life

What a great article… and fantastic pictures! Loving me the fun colors in the snorkel boat pic. :)

About time people hear something that’s less than fantastic about island living, hm? “Beautiful interlude to real life” – that’s good stuff.

– Steph

Thanks Steph…love the feedback

These photos are really beautiful. What a cool article. I can’t decide whether I would love it or go crazy living on an island for so long, I mean I live on an island, but not a tropical sparsely populated one. I’m probably going to lean toward going crazy, I don’t know if I could handle it. Anyway, great article, interesting read.

Lauren it is sort of like a bitchy college environment. But if you focus on where you are and make the most of the natural beauty it can be a really special experience. No cars, no commuting to work, no shopping or cooking – it is a very easy life people can get lost in.

Hey Kirra, i l*ve it! I will always remember the night when it was absolutely pissing down and the winch cable broke, AND the fact that you hardly rubbed it in at all that you always caught the first fish- you are a modest young lady after all…

Bahahaha yeh your right…I was always like “don’t worry crackers- you will learn to fish one day.” ;)