Tempting Alice – Adult Dating and Sex Toy Reviews For Romance

My story started many years ago when I experimented with Tinder. I went on many different dates and took pictures of each of the guys that I met up with. It was a crazy way to find out what I liked and what I didn’t like. Overall, in this modern day climate, it is very easy to hook up with anyone.

Since this is the new trend of things, more and more people are hooking up casually instead of the long term dating that used to happen more often back in the day. Less and less people are getting married and more and more people are experimenting sexually.

This is the reason I created the site. I wanted to review and take a perspective on the best hookup sites out there and also look at the best sex toys and equipment so that you can take advantage of our modern one night stand culture. There is nothing more exciting than meeting someone who knows what to do in the bedroom. Enjoy the extensive research I have done and all of the things that I’ve reviewed.