Most Realistic Dildos – The Best Dildo That Looks Real in 2020

Most Realistic Dildos To Buy

When people search for dildos, they have one thing on their minds: Pleasure. But beyond that, a dildo should be as realistic as possible, for the best self-given pleasure as possible. After all, we’re all looking for the perfect erection.

And let’s face it; there are a lot of different types of dildos out there. Some of them do a fantastic job at being realistic, with that soft, slippery silicone to feel like skin, the bulbous tip to look like a cockhead, and the occasional bumpy or ribbed texture to give it all the sensations of a real cock. Want to learn more about the most realistic dildos money can buy? Here are 20 of the best on the market today.

VixSkinⓇ By Vixen CreationsⓇ

Vixen CreationsⓇ is well-known for being a quality sex toy company, always coming up with goods that seek to please. This is no less true for the VixSkinⓇ collection, a series of lifelike dildos created by a former Good Vibrations employee in the comfort of her own kitchen. Talk about self-pleasure! 

Plus, for the realism and amount of pleasure these dildos give, they are some of the best-priced products around. It’s really hard to beat these on the market!

VixSkin dildos are made with their very own patented silicone, giving it that special realistic feel. It’s super soft, and super pleasing, no matter where you plan on putting it. There’s a reason why Vixen CreationsⓇ is one of the largest dildo makers in the United States. Its products are consistently ranked as one of the most comfortable and realistic dildo out there. There are so many different VixSkiⓇn creations to choose from, so I’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most popular dildos for you to discover:

VixskinⓇ Johnny

Let’s face it; you can’t get more erect than this. Not only is it equipped with all the right veins and bulges (in all the right places), but it’s built to last with a comfortable feel. It’s a good price for all of those smooth layers of silicone that you’ll get.

VixskinⓇ Goodfella

The VixskinⓇ Goodfella is six inches of pure pleasure. What’s unique about this silicone design is that it also includes a nice pair of balls for your pleasure. It can stand up on its own, or you can use it flexibly as you please.

VixskinⓇ Slim

Everyone’s got their own kind of fancy. The VixskinⓇ slim offers a stretchy size that you may be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. If you’re just in the mood for something long and sleek, this one is sure to hit the spot. 

VixskinⓇ Gambler

Easily one of the best sellers in all of Vixen CreationsⓇ; this dildo is not for the faint of heart. The Gambler is an extra large dildo, measuring at 10.5” long and almost 3” wide. It’s super realistic, and it will definitely get the job done. 

VixskinⓇ Outlaw

Truly an outlaw of body and sensation, this is another massive dildo to satisfy anyone who’s looking to pack some meat in the best way possible. This big boy measures 9.5” long, and is completely compatible with a harness. Prepare to have some hard, rough fun with this one.

RealCock Dildos By RealDoll™

The RealCock product line takes realistic dildos to a whole new level. There is virtually nothing else like it on the market today. RealDoll™ has gone above and beyond to provide the most realistic dildos I have ever come across. Not only is it layered with soft, squishy, patented silicone, but there are also different thicknesses and textures to each layer.

That’s what gives it the look and feel of real skin. 

With a light soft layer on top, sliding around thicker layers underneath, you’ll do a doubletake thinking you’re giving an actual handjob. It also comes with a hefty set of balls, which of course are also very realistic and filled with silicone gel to make them squishy and bouncy.

You can play with, stroke, squeeze, or pull on any part of this dildo, and you might easily mistake it for a real penis. The only downside is the price. While the VixskinⓇ dildos are both realistic and affordable, there’s a heavy price to pay for being the most realistic fake cock in existence. 


There are two RealDoll™ RealCock products in particular that I want to include on this list:
What can be said about this extremely satisfying dildo that hasn’t already been said? Not only is it the most aesthetically-pleasing dildo I’ve seen, but it also really packs the pleasure. It comes in at 8” long and about 6.5” in girth, which means you’ll be playing with a well-endowed partner indeed.

RealCock DTF

One added feature of the RealCock DTF is the veins, making them pop more than they do with the brand’s previous models. It’s actually about an inch and a half shorter than the RealCock2, but with almost the same amount of girth. It’s a good one-size-fits-all solution to the realistic dildo market.

POP! By The SemenetteⓇ

Even dildos evolve in technological advancements over time. One thrilling addition to the enjoyment of dildos is an automatic ejaculation feature. POP! By The SemenetteⓇ allows you to take full control of not only your own pleasure, but the entire sexual encounter. This cock’s ability to orgasm is right at your fingertips.

Plus, it’s pretty realistic looking, too. The price is in the middle, showing itself on the costlier side when compared to the average price of dildos, but it’s not something that would completely break the bank either. 

You can add almost anything to the part of the dildo that stores the liquid, and it’s all saved in a bulb until you’re ready to squeeze it. It shoots pretty far, giving it that realistic ejaculation for a good finish. 

Most people recommend milky lube for the artificial semen, or whatever gives it a realistic squirt.

POP! Realistic Squirting Dildo

Not only does it feel super real, but it will ejaculate when you’re ready to finish. It’s included with a 2 mL bulb that can hold quite a load, if you catch my drift. You can always upgrade to a 22 mL bulb for $35, giving you even more bang for your buck – literally!

New York Toy Collective

What can be better than a realistic dildo?

I know; a posable one. New York Toy Collective puts a custom rod inside each cock, so that you can pose it however you like. Bend it back and forth, make it straight or angled – it’s your choice! And the rod isn’t intrusive at all. In fact, you wouldn’t even know there was anything inside the dildo at all. It’s layered with soft silicone around it, so all you’ll focus on is your pleasure. 

As far as price goes, these are pretty middle-of-the-road. Much like the previously reviewed products, you’re looking at under $200 for most good quality dildos. But don’t expect anything super cheap; remember, you get what you pay for.

I gathered info on the three most popular posable dildos for your review. Check them out below! 
New York Toy Collective Mason
This dildo works as described, with lots of different colors and posable features to choose from. Plus, you can upgrade it to include a harness or a love bump for your increased pleasure. Mason is specifically designed to pleasure those with bigger bodies, so everybody can get in on the fun.

New York Toy Collective Shilo

Rated as the number one most popular silicone dildo that the New York Toy Collective has to offer, Shilo will give you endless pleasure. Plus, with a variety of fun and customizable colors to choose from, you can end up with a wholly unique dildo that nobody else has. Get it before it’s gone!

New York Toy Collective Leroy

It’s time to give some love to the uncircumcised shape. This is New York Toy Collective’s largest posable dildo, measuring at 9.5” long and 2.5” thick. You can insert it all the way, and you can enjoy additional upgrades to fit your needs.

Fleshjack Boys by Fleshjack™

Fleshjack™  is an internationally-known company that specializes in pleasure products for gay men, although they have a little bit of something to suit everybody’s fancy. Their most popular dildo product line is called “Fleshjack Boys”, and they’ve done something quite unique – they model their dildos out of molds taken from actual male porn stars and models. 

That’s right; now you can get celebrity dick in your own hands. There are so many different Fleshjack Boys to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down the options. You can even read the bios and descriptions of each boy while you figure out who you want to take home with you tonight. You can see everything from their birthdate, to their zodiac sign, to their favorite hobbies.  You can read them all here!

The prices are very reasonable as well. Most of the Fleshjack Boys are cheaper than most of the other dildos on this list. Here are the top 7 Fleshjack Boys to give you a little preview of the extensive collection this brand has to offer:

Fleshjack Boys Liam Riley
Liam is an up and coming porn star, and one of the youngest hotties in the industry. His dick measures 6.5” long, a hearty and hefty length to take you where you need to be. It feels just like the real thing.

Fleshjack Boys Carter Dane

Carter Dane is here to please. He’s the ultimate power bottom, and his massive length reaches 7”, and he’s quite thick with a girth of 6” at the base. There’s nothing you can’t do with this guy.

Fleshjack Boys Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid is a natural people-pleaser with his curved cock, which will hit you in all the right spots. He measures 5.75” of insertable length. Plus, he’s one of the most affordable cocks on the market!

Fleshjack Boys Cody Cummings 

With a name like Cody Cummings, you can’t go wrong. This massive cock measures 7.5” and is super thick to satisfy even the pickiest size queens. This life-like replica will not disappoint.

Fleshjack Boys Milan Christopher

Milan Christopher is one of the hottest dudes in the porn industry, and the secret’s out about his massive cock! This lifelike dildo is a direct mold of his dick, built with 9” of length to give you ultimate pleasure.

Fleshjack Boys Brent Corrigan

Brent Corrigan has one of the biggest cocks in the porn industry, offering the best in fantasy and pleasure. This ultra-realistic, 8.75” long cock is detailed even down to the veins and pores. You’ll definitely feel Brent inside you.

Fleshjack Boys Ricky Roman

Ricky Roman sports a gorgeous uncut cock with plenty of length and girth for you to enjoy. The nice pair of balls on this one lets you squeeze to your sensation. You can take Ricky over and over again with the smooth silicone that hits all the right places.

Realistic Dildos By Tantus

A hugely popular sex toy company, Tantus builds quality lifelike dildos to represent both real life and fantasy combined. They might not look quite as life-like as some of the other products on this list, such as the RealCock2 or any of the Fleshjack Boys, but these dildos feel ultra-realistic.

This is because they use several layers of soft silicone, which gets firmer the more layers into it you get. This acts like real skin, and you can just feel all the folds stretching and shrinking in your hand while you stroke it. Plus, all of the products made by Tantus are made from safe materials, and are really easy to clean. 

Most Tantus products are under $100, making them sweet deals as far as the dildo market scene is concerned. Although you always have the option of paying more for additional features, it’s all about customizing your pleasure.

There are two standout dildos in particular I want to include in this review. Not only do they feel realistic, but they look and act like real dicks too. Whether you prefer cut or uncut, Tantus has it all:

Tantus Alan

 First in the line of Tantus products (and still their most popular!), Alan is designed to feel really realistic when he’s inside you. This dildo is made of premium silicone and is compatible with a harness so you can share Alan with all of your friends.

Tantus Uncut

There’s definitely a difference in feeling between a cut and an uncut penis, and some people prefer the raw deal. You’ll get all of that and more with the Tantus Uncut, the most realistic uncircumcised dildo on the market. It’s a little pricier, but most people are willing to pay extra for extra quality.

Did any of these dildos in particular tickle your fancy? Interested in trying out one of these ultra-realistic dicks? The difference in sensation between a realistic dildo and a cheap plastic alternative is too big to count. It’s important that you put your pleasure first. Did any of your favorites jump out at you here? Are there dildos that aren’t on this list that you’d like to see me review next time? Leave a comment below!