Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

Sliquid Organic lubricating gel is, however, my favorite lube which can make your anal experience with yourself or partner, pleasurable.

I am all about my readers getting the best sexual experience. Today, I’ll talk about lubrication. But, I’ll focus on anal lubes because they are slightly different from ordinary ones. They’re thicker and have a gel-like feel when you touch them.
Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating. Individuals should, therefore, have a good lube before diving in. Fortunately, there are several perfect lubes for anal sex which provide extra cushion. They also deliver long lasting wetness needed for stimulation.
Well, anal lubes are essential, especially for those planning to explore themselves with a butt plug and nothing bigger. Without some lubrication, you’ll be uncomfortable. One can even have mild bleeding afterward because of tears in the anal canal tissue.

Lubes generally are categorized into three: silicone, water or oil-based. Each group has its perks as well as drawbacks. Water-based isn’t slick and won’t last long compared to silicone or oil-based. But, it’s safe to use with sex toys or condom. Silicone works well with condoms but can cause your toy to fall apart. And oil-based doesn’t work with condoms or toys. So, there’re many things individuals should consider when shopping for this product.

Sliquid Organics Natural Gel

Sliquid Organic lubricating gel is, however, my favorite lube which can make your anal experience with yourself or partner, pleasurable.

It’s my number one choice for many reasons. This natural gel is 100% water-based, which means one can use it with sex toys or condoms. Individuals can use it also for any anal sex type. Since it’s slightly thicker, it’s suitable for anal play. Other people also use Sliquid for vaginal play, but, its consistency makes it much perfect for anal play.
Sliquid is made from botanical extracts which makes it soft to apply. And because it’s an aloe-based, you feel great when using. Furthermore, cleaning is easy. All you need is water and soap to wash it off completely without leaving any residue.
Another thing I find impressive with Sliquid is that it’s very thick. An individual, therefore, doesn’t need to keep reapplying, which means that it’ll take some time before you think of repurchasing another bottle.
Sliquid is made with safe, natural ingredients, so both vegans, as well as vegetarians, can comfortably use this lubricant. Well, some people may not care about this vegan or vegetarian aspect, but I always feel safe when I know what I’m putting on my skin, especially in my intimate areas.
Plus, I love its bottle design. It’s so discreet, even if you don’t live alone or are scared of prying eyes, no one will easily know what this lube is since it looks more of a moisturizer than a sex lubricant.

Sex Essentials for Anal Play

Though I didn’t love anal play in the past, nowadays, it’s among my favorites. I love playing with my anus, especially when using sex machines. But, as exciting as this play is, there are some sex essentials that one should have, to get pleasurable experiences.
Now, these sex essentials have different functions. Some are to relax your anus. Others make one feel better when exploring their backdoor. Regardless of your intended use, these essentials can give you real orgasms and incredible sexual experiences.
Here are my all-time favorite sex essentials which make my play comfortable.

1. AnalEaze Desensitizing Cream

A relaxant cream is a must-have if you want comfort. AnalEaze is an excellent cream since its fast-acting. Users should apply it at least 10 minutes before they start pleasuring themselves. Also, for best results, individuals should use this cream with an anal lubricant.

But AnalEaze isn’t safe to use with condoms or sex toys since it isn’t water-based. However, people can use it with non-latex condoms, but it’s also not 100% safe. Again, remember to go slow. Apply only a small portion and don’t be rough as it might hurt.

2. 12 Inch Tracey Cox Anal Beads

These beads are comfortable. Plus, they feel great when you pop them in and out. One can use them with their partners for heightened pleasure. To enjoy intensified orgasms, an individual can even leave them inside during foreplay and remove after they orgasm.

Tracey cox beads are stimulating. They warm up your anus for incredible sexual experience. They’re easy to use, flexible, and ideal for people who’re trying anal sex for the first time. Plus, they’re very useful in exploring new situations. Their pink color spices things up, unlike most beads which are color black.

3. Tracey Cox Superset Flexible Tip Anal Douche

It’s among my favorite douches that I use before sex. It makes me feel confident. Simply fill this douche with warm room temperature water, apply some lube at its tip, then gently slide it into your anus and squeeze. The water will expel naturally hence washing this area up.

You should clean your anus up to ensure things don’t get messy when you’re exploring. This douche is perfect as it’ll clean you up. Plus someone can use it after every few weeks or during special nights.

4. Pjur Back Door Silicone Lube

Well, I prefer Sliquid, but Pjur is also an excellent lubricant. It’s silicone which means that it is thicker. Only that getting it off sex toys is harder. Pjur silicone lube is best when engaging in skin-on-skin play, using condoms or sex toys made from stainless still. I love this lubricant because it’s super long-lasting hence someone doesn’t worry about re-application. Pjur lubricant has jojoba which contains anti-inflammatory properties which keep skin slick.

5. Size Matters Magnum Ease in Anal Dilator

It’s always good for individuals to get their anus prepared. With these five different plugs, your sex will be super exciting. They’re designed for easy insertion. These butt plugs help you practice. With time, one will get used to something in their anus. Therefore, they’ll find anal sex with penis or sex toys more comfortable.

Well, there you go. These five are must have sex essentials. However, since anal sex is still a new concept to some people, I thought sharing some tips may be helpful. Individuals should start slowly. Sex should never be painful. If it hurts, stop for some time. Also, try using sex toys or your fingers to help you get comfortable.
Again, before anything else, one should warm up their backdoor by using an excellent lube. Then, before going in, individuals should ensure that they’re fully aroused. Lastly, you should spread dark sheets just in case it gets messy.