The Three Month Blues

I am exactly the same when it comes to missing home – miss family and friends of course. We’ve been here 12 months this month and I haven’t felt homesick until now…and i don’t really feel homesick, i just miss the open space more than anything else.

Sorry i haven’t been in touch, its been a few hectic months with visitors but I haven’t forgotten. We are away the next couple of weekends but i’ll make sure i’m in touch in a couple of weeks and we can sort out something.
P xo

Paula I could not agree more. The hardest adjustment has been the lack of natural environment. I miss the ocean. Looking forward to our catch up. xo

Kirra, your photos are so incredible. You never fail to blow my mind. I have never wanted to be in NY more! x

Oh thanks Tania. I can’t wait for you to come visit x

“invisible boundaries of routine close around me” .. even your words communicate to me in pictures. Thanks for sharing your personal reflection.

Oh Yes! Me too Kirra. Beautiful photo’s too… as always!

You could spend a lifetime in a city like NY and still discover new and interesting experiences. Never one to settle in one place for too long, I loved and related to this piece. My favourite pic is the last one. :)

I agree Yvette. I have met so many people over here that have been living here for years and still have a wish list of things they want to do.

I just love your photo’s. Found you via Dan O’ Days website :)

You are so good. I am going to post that pic of the cat in the supermarket but I will add that it is yours :)

Hope you are doing well and I am surely going to follow you now.

Take care x

Thanks Colleen – I look forward to sharing my world with you. x