Best Bad Dragon Dildos & Cheaper Alternatives

Best Bad Dragon Dildos & Cheaper Alternatives

If you’re a fantasy fan and you like unleashing new worlds every time, then you probably need to consider a dragon dildo. In today’s world, many women aren’t further interested in dildos that look like a real penis. Although we have several types of dildos in the market today, the category of bad dragon dildo stands out to be one of the preferred dildoes by most women. If you’re fascinated by mythical creatures’ power, you’ll probably be enticed by these classes of dildos.

In most cases, if you like fantasy, you may end up being disappointed with most high-quality products that tend to be expensive. However, the good news is that you can get the best dragon dildos at affordable prices. There are many types of dragon dildos you can consider irrespective of whether you’re a beginner, experimenter, or veteran in the use of toys. You should know that these toys are much larger than the normal ones.

It’s advisable to always start with small toys, especially if you’re a seasoned user or you can be able to handle a big phallus from bad dragon. Although some appear to be very beautiful, you shouldn’t be guided by your visual greed to avoid discomfort and even pain. To make the most fun out of it, the size of the dragon dildo matters a lot. If you don’t want to begin with the smallest size, you can consider going with an incremental increase of about 0.25” and 0.8” diameter and circumference respectively if possible.

In terms of girth, the dimensions to consider are the head and the middle, although they’re not always possible to follow. The guidelines can largely help you when shopping for your best bad dragon dildos in online stores rather than physical ones. In case there’s a shop near you where you can find these mythical beauties, you can easily perform a visual inspection so that you can determine the choice that accurately fits you. Below are some top bad dragon dildos in the market to consider:

The Hunter

This is a dragon dildo that’s mostly used by advanced sex toy users. It can be double used. It’s designed in one size alone, i.e., eye-popping. It has a 6-inch insertable length, 6.5-inch shaft circumference, 5.25 head circumference, and 1.7 inches diameter. It’s designed for perfect stimulation, especially on intense muscle. The Hunter dragon dildo is mainly used for its girth as well as its textured shape that offers incredible internal stimulation since it rubs the right places. It also has an amazing sculpted head that is similar to a real penis. Its shape provides amazing clitoral, G-spot, P-spot stimulation.

Just like the Orochi, this dildo provides intense external enjoyment. However, the bulbous curves aren’t recommended for beginners because even the veterans require additional lube before they can slip this dragon dildo inside. If you want to extend pleasure when using the Hunter, you should use it using a slow and steady technique. Using this dragon, dildo for penetration is a great move that will make you feel glorious.

Furthermore, this dildo is only available in one single size, although it can be easily customized depending on your color choice of firmness.


• It’s customizable

• It’s unique design enhances intense pleasure

• It’s cheap


• Available in a single size


This is a top dragon dildo that boasts the Hollywood types effects. Serious collectors usually use it because of its intricacy and a considerable price. It’s easy to lust for long if you use this gorgeously made toy. It has an insertable length of 6.25 inches and a 1.5-inch shaft width, which makes it ideal for beginners to experts. It has a shiny texture and is made of 100% silicone. Its shaft has some layers of armor-like plating that is covered using fine scales. These scales provide perfect sensation, while the tiered plates are usually rubbed against your vaginal walls when penetrating this dragon dildo. Additionally, the smaller scales have a gentler massaging effect. The dual stimulation is very effective on your G-spot, where you should be ready for a better orgasm. The rigid plates in this dragon dildo have an effective external stimulation. You’re required to use additional lube when using this dildo for maximum pleasure.


• It’s a unique product

• It delivers incredible orgasms


• It’s extremely expensive

• Can create too much sensation

Black dragon

It has a snakelike head, and it consists of 100% liquid silicone. It’s comfortable to use, safe, and odor free. Additionally, it’s also flexible and soft, which makes it to bend and twist and can’t easily deform. It’s unique shape and appearance makes it easy to reach pleasure spots and thus delivering intense pleasure.

It has an ultra-powered suction cup that will stick to smooth surface easily without coming off.


• It’s flexible

• It’s safe


• Could be bigger

Buying guide for dragon dildo

Buying a dragon dildo isn’t complicated process, provided that you know the various differences in different kinds of dildos and you have a price range of the best in the market. In most cases, tastes and preferences play a role due to body differences. Below are some top things to consider when choosing a dragon dildo to satisfy your needs:

a. Price

Nobody would be really happy to lose hard-needed cash. Therefore, when selecting a dildo, you should first of all, consider the price. The kind of dildo you purchase depends on your budget. Ensure you stick to your budget and don’t go to the extent of taking loans just to buy a dragon dildo. Although they will make your fantasies fulfilled, you should never go out of your way just to purchase a dildo.

b. Material used

The material used in making the dildo is essential and determines how you’ll feel. Some of the top materials used in making dragon dildos include silicone, glass, rubber, plastic, and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Other types of dildos have a combination of different materials.

c. Size

This is another essential factor to consider when selecting a dragon dildo. Your experience level determines the size of a dragon dildo that you should purchase. Therefore, those experienced in using sex toys can over metrhmendoes obstacles a. Thus; they can consider checking out the biggest dildos. On the other hand, beginners to sex toy use should only consider purchasing smaller sized dildos.

d. Shape and design

The shape and design of dragon dildos vary from one to another. It’s, therefore, essential to keep in mind that the shape matters a lot and should be carefully analyzed depending on your body type. You might require a realistic design dildo that resembles a real penis or those that mirror a natural penis design.

E. Base

This is an essential aspect you should consider when choosing dragon dildos. Different dildos have different base structures and are categorized into a suction cup dildo bases and flared dildo bases.

These are some of the top things to consider when choosing between dragon dildos.

Final verdict

The main question that revolves around the use of these dragon dildos is the age that one should start using them. It’s simple in that, girls’ bodies differ extremely. Some mature faster than others. However, you may find some who can start using dildos at an early age of 16 years old, although most sellers will want to verify that the buyer has 18 years and above. It’s easy to get them in a local adult toy shop, so although they mostly ask for an ID card to verify your age. The last resort can be looking for some homemade dildos, although they can harm you if not properly made.