Exotic Dildos & Where To Find Them (Fantasy Dildo Report)

Fantasy sex toys have gained a lot of popularity in the past few centuries. Regardless of whether it’s high fantasy, science fiction, fairy tales, sword, and sorcery, or outright horror, the storyline have had millions of fans across the globe. Just imagine having to bring these stories into a sexual fantasy reality. Some companies have already taken all those ideas to come up with fantasy-inspired toys for different tastes. If you want new sexual adventures, then you should probably consider fantasy exotic dildos.

A fantasy exotic dildo results in more exciting bedroom play regardless of whether you’re solo or with your partner. It’s essential to unleash your fantasies and come up with new ones with these fantastic exotic dildos that are unique, just like you. The fantastic exotic dildos are usually themed for tentacles, unicorns, aliens, and even zombies. For instance, you can improve your stimulation to more erotic new levels if you discover a unicorn. Additionally, in case you’ve wanted to defeat a sinister alien, it’s easy to do it with a lot of pleasure. Those stories that you like or you’ve been thinking about can easily be turned into sexual satisfaction through some appropriately themed weird dildos.

Who are the potential users of fantastic exotic dildos?

Sex toys and strange dildos have created a business that is approximately $15 billion. Studies also show that 23% of adults are using sex toys across the world. Therefore, if you combine all fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror, you’ll end up having a very huge population. This means that there’ll be a huge potential customer base for the fantastic exotic dildos. Below are some products that are specifically themed to be of great help when it comes to fantasies and even give you a unique dildo experience.

The Alien Dildo and Alien Bellybuster

This alien dildo pair are manufactured using 100% silicone that’s safe for the body and has medium levels of firmness. The Alien fantasy dildos are beautifully textured and have some raised rings on their shafts from the bottom to the top. Their texture enhance intense sensation and have a 5.7 inch insertable length and a 1.61 inch diameter, which makes them great for those who’re much addicted to sex toy fantasies. On the other hand, the Bellybuster has its name explaining all due to its huge rectangular head that has sinister teeth. It also has a shaft with mascular detail as well as a well-shaped curvature that’s designed for intense orgasms. It has a 6.1 inch insertable length and a 1.65 inch shaft which makes it formidable.


• It’s relatively cheap

• Exquisite detailing

• It’s 100% silicone made

• It’s customizable(has 3 finishes and 29 colors)


• The Bellybuster’s head is too little

The Ridley

This is a space-themed fantastic dildo that brings a lot of sensation to the users. The Ridley dildos are designed with plating as well as some well-placed studs that are raised. It’s pointed head feature is ideal when it comes to internal G-spot stimulation and/or clitoral teasing. At its base, it has things that look like some ridged pipes reminiscent, which give this toy an organic look.


• It’s customizable in terms of its size, color and firmness

• It’s ideal for beginners

• Manufactured using premium grade silicone


• It’s expensive

Unicorn Dildos

This magic horn is designed using a grooved spiral design, which enhances more pleasure. The Split Peaches Unicorn Horn Dildo in Rainbow has everything you would want in a design and a texture that is almost exactly like the real thing (wink),all of your fantasies will be fulfilled and you will be in your own world when using it. It is made by hand from the best silicone around and is smooth, yet firm. It will allow fairy tail orgasms to crawl up your spine and will make you never want to return to reality. Get one before they go out of stock!. 


• They’re both customizable

• Relatively affordable

• Both are made using body safe silicone

• Both have deeply ridged spiral designs to enhance intense sensations


• It doesn’t have remote control

Tentacle Dildos

In reality, a tentacle is similar to a phallic object. It was majorly capitalized in the popular Eastern genres, and the underlying principle has today been applied to some satisfactory sex toys.

A tentacle dildo has circular suction cups that are intensely textured and wiggly shaped to ensure they deliver an amazing sensation on different depths. Some of the top tentacle dildos include the following:

Zombie Dildos

These are perfect fantasy dildos that are created to provide the maximum pleasure that can even make you lose your mind. Those who like the walking dead or other zombie movies, then you can consider getting these sex toys.


This fantasy dildo is made of silicone and has a subtle ribbed texture. It comes in 29 colors and has a vibrating or standard finish. However, it only has a single size. Its dimensions include a 6.69 inch length, 5.51 inch insertable length, and a 1.49 inch shaft diameter. It also has medium firmness which translates to better flexibility that ensures your hot spots are hit well while maintaining its normal phallic shape.

The Geeky zombie sex toys are bigger and badder and have a raised and stringy texture to ensure that there’s a serious pleasure. Just like the other zombie sex toys, it has a single firmness and one size. It has the largest insertable length of 6.5 inches and a circumference of 6 inches. It’s 100% silicone made and also 100% waterproof, meaning that you can go with it in the bathroom or shower. Although it’s size can sometimes be large, especially for the beginners, it’s detailed texture makes it ideal for most people and is appreciated by most users.


• It’s highly customizable

• Constructed using high grade silicone

• Some like the Geeky toys are waterproof

• They’re very original


• They’re relatively expensive

• Most variants come in a single size

• They lack a suction cup

Where to buy fantastic exotic dildos

The online space has given a much easier platform to purchase anything from any location. If you want any fantasy dildo, you can order it from various seller websites, which include Amazon, Bad Dragon, FairyLust, Blue Ritual, Damn Average, Fck Buddies, Pleasure Forge, among others.

Choosing the best fantastic exotic dildo

Before you purchase any fantastic exotic dildo, you need to consider some factors. Remember that all dildos don’t have the same effects, length, prices, among other things. Below is a guide on how you can choose the best fantastic exotic dildo:

a. Stimulation

This is among the top factors to consider. Remember that it’s also the major reason as to why you’re investing your money into the sex toy. Therefore, you need to consider the stimulation level that a dildo offers before purchasing it. For instance, if you’re a beginner to this game, you shouldn’t invest in the thickest, longest, or most extreme models because they might fail to work well for you and end up losing your hard-earned money without getting the intended satisfaction. Always research to see the model that best suits your level of experience and the type of sensation you require after all. There are tons of great different types of dildos, even ones that you don’t have to use your hands at. Be sure to check out which ones you want.

b. Size

This is another important factor to consider. Different models of these sex toys come in different sizes. Therefore, depending on your tastes and preferences, you should be able to determine the dildo size that suits your needs. You can’t go for a smaller dildo if you think that it can’t get you off. Only invest in something that you think can handle well and get the required satisfaction.

c. Variation

Most people tend to overlook this aspect when choosing a fantastic exotic dildo. Different dildos have different variations, which actually you can choose from. Some of these variations include vibration patterns, ability to be used in the water, among others. This depends on your taste and preference, although the prices will vary depending on the variation of your choice. For instance, a waterproof dildo will be priced much higher compared to other dildos due to this specific feature.

d. Extra features

This is any feature that goes beyond the normal ones, including pulsation settings and even compatibility. It’s therefore essential to do some research on the actual features of a dildo before you decide to invest your money. If you find that there’s a dildo that has some additional features and costs the same with another one that doesn’t have them, it’s recommended to choose the one with the additional features.

e. Price

This factor is critical in determining the kind of fantasy exotic dildo you’ll purchase. Different fantasy exotic dildos come at different prices depending on the quality, model, features, and even the manufacturer. It’s therefore essential to compare the prices before buying any dildo. This is because some cheap dildos in the market can actually perform a similar job just like those expensive dildos. What you should do is that you just need to go through online customer reviews to see what other previous buyers are saying about the product in terms of its effectiveness in giving the desired results as well as its life span.

In conclusion, these are some of the top things to consider when choosing a fantastic exotic dildo. Remember that the dildo you choose gives your maximum pleasure and not pain or discomfort when you use it.