Spring in NYC

Spring in NYC Feels Like a Rebirth

Spring in NYC feels like a rebirth. After months of bitterly cold weather, the first warmish day in Spring is cause for celebration. The cafes open up their windows, people spill out onto the street showing off their cutest spring outfits, daring to bare ghostly pale limbs after being deprived from sunshine for what feels like an eternity.

High on vitamin D, the usual NYC scowl that screams – get the f*** out of my way is replaced with a look of blissed out contentment. In Williamsburg – the outdoor markets are packed, groups of friends gather near the river and Sunday brunch is a marathon of bottomless Bloody Mary’s. Everyone makes the most of it because they know in just over a month NYC will be a sweat bowl, where the approaching subway feels like a pleasant breeze.

In Australia, when the weather warms up we head for the beach but in NYC they dust off their picnic blankets and settle in for a sun baking session at the park. One of my favourites is Bryant Park. During the warmer months, the park comes alive with their summer program. Live music, free yoga, free outdoor movies, table tennis, chess, a reading room – it’s like an outdoor community centre where everyone is welcome. I regularly head their for a dose of sunshine happiness and an entertaining afternoon of people watching.

Being a spring baby with an addiction to sunshine, I have welcomed the change of season with open arms, enthusiastically banishing my winter coat to the far reaches of my wardrobe. I am not sure If I could make it through another NYC winter. I think this year when the weathers starts to cool down, I will sprout wings and fly to warmer climates…. Miami, Hawaii, Australia? Mmm…. an endless summer sounds good to me.