Aneros Prostate Massager Review Stimulator Guide

If you desire an intense male orgasm in your body, then its best you buy an Aneros prostate massager. Those who are in trend with the industry’s sex toys know that Aneros massagers is the best toy for stimulating a male orgasm. Their designs are intricate and pay great attention to detail that ensures you cum while moaning in deep pleasure.

Most prostate massagers in the market are small, with some designs having four or fewer inches. They slip into your anus like a dick to an engorged pussy giving you intense stimulations you desire. Also, most Aneros massagers in the market come with a “K Tab” feature that sends your spine into chills. However, for me, it doesn’t add much though some can find pleasure in the arm.

What are Aneros prostate massagers and their history?

An Aneros prostate toy has a great reputation. It dates back to the 1990s when the company started producing prostates for medical benefits. Back then, these devices were used for treating erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and weak urine flow. If you are a beginner to an Aneros prostate massager uses, then it’s best to know that it contains numerous health benefits.

As of now, the current prostate massager design is similar to the 1990s model in many features. Back then, Aneros developed a patent for a prostate massager and in the process, saw that they could reap more from being a sex toy company rather than a pharmaceutical company. The following years in 2003, the company focuses on studying the male anatomy, specifically the reproductive system and male orgasms. Due to these studies, they have now developed a set of vibrators and other sex toys for achieving male orgasm.

From regular prostate toys to lube shooters and motorized prostate toys, the company’s popularity is surging. Aneros is also delving deep into the market to know what men love and desire and get it for them.

How To Get the Most out of an Aneros Prostate Massager Review

Each man has a unique prostate milking experience, but with a few tricks, you can up your orgasm game.

1. Be horny

Before using an Aneros prostate massager, make sure that you are in the right arousal mode. Think of erotic scenes, watch porn, or do anything to get that arousal. That way, your mind will prepare more for sex, and you’ll enjoy what is to come.

2. Tickle your nipples

Your nipples are one of the most erogenous parts of your body. By playing with them, you’ll spike your arousal that will help you when using an Aneros prostate massager. Touch them, pickle, and tickle them to get them aroused.

3. Minimize distractions

Before starting an Aneros Prostate Massaging session, minimize all distractions. The activity requires your full attention, and a simple distraction could set off your mood. So switch off your phone for a distraction-free experience.

Top Aneros Prostate Massagers

  • 1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident
    1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident

    Before we delve deeper into the Aneros prostate massager

  • 2. Aneros Progasm Ice
    2. Aneros Progasm Ice

    The Aneros Progasm Ice features a beautiful design like most Aneros models,

  • 3. Aneros Vice 2
    3. Aneros Vice 2

    The Aneros Vice 2 is a vibrating progasm with 1 4.25 inches.

1. Aneros Helix Syn Trident

Before we delve deeper into the Aneros prostate massager, we will show you the best designs on the market. The Aneros Helix Syn Trident is our top choice and comes with 3.5 inches in length. Its tip width is one of the smallest with only 0.98 inches. Besides, if you are a beginner who wants to try out prostate massagers, then I would recommend the massager all time.

The Trident’s primary material is ABC plastic but features an outer coating of silicone that adds a fleshy feel. The silicone exterior is best and makes your body accustomed to it quickly. It has soft layers that are sensual to your body and gives your body the intense stimulation it deserves. With the Trident massager, your nerves will soon run down your spine, and you’ll enjoy moaning in deep pleasure.

What’s more, the massager is flexible and comes with bendy arms that can easily contort to your body shape. This is in comparison to some massagers that comes with stiff arms. Stiff arms make you feel like you are inserting a rock into your anus. For those venturing into the Aneros prostate, the Trident machine is a safe start. You’ll not only enjoy multiple orgasms but also get a stimulating prostate milking. The only downside to this device is its hardness when removing after use.

2. Aneros Progasm Ice

The Aneros Progasm Ice features a beautiful design like most Aneros models, except that it has a relaxed glass-like shape. It resembles a luxurious and sensual glass that will turn off your spines. The Aneros Progasm comes from a plastic material that is studier and transparent than glass. In short, it has the valuable benefits of glass but without the breaking feature.

If you are a beginner venturing out to the Aneros Prostate massagers, then it’s best to go for other models. It can be hard to use and is only suitable for advanced users who are familiar with Aneros prostate toys. The progasm is unusually stiff and big, hence not friendly to beginner and intermediate users. Its stiffness also means your muscles must put a good fight to achieve a perfect anal orgasm.

However, if you believe your pelvic floor muscles can handle the stiffness challenge, then the progasm is best for you. It can develop crazy and mind-blowing orgasms that will send you reeling on the floor. The K-tab can also dig you sensually and deeply; hence, you should only use it if you are an advanced user.

3. Aneros Vice 2

The Aneros Vice 2 is a vibrating progasm with 1 4.25 inches. It features a 1.3-inch tip width and can deliver toe-curling sensations to your whole body. However, with the toy, avoid stimulating your prostate with its vibrations as it will lower its sensitivity rendering its number after a short time. The Vice 2, is therefore not the best toy for reaching a super orgasm.

However, if you are new to the anal-drilling game, then you’ll love the Aneros Vice 2. It has multiple vibrations patterns, speeds, and vibration sensations set to spike your pleasure levels. More so, it has a wireless remote control system that allows you to modify the settings to your ideal levels.


If you recently delved into the Aneros prostate massage, then you’ll find anal orgasms very pleasurable. Besides, even males deserve a mind-blowing orgasm, just like ladies do. Buy your favorite Aneros Prostate Massager today and enjoy deep sensations and pleasure in your body.