BlueChew Pill Review – Does it Work?

BlueChew Pill Review – Does it Work?

We all know about Viagra pills and how they have been used for quite a long time to boost men’s sexual pleasures if they are experiencing some erectile dysfunctions. The product was highly recommended for its powerful use and how it induced great sexual stimulations until it expired in 2018, and other companies popped in to offer a better option on the same. Bluechew is one of these ED medication pills that topped the list for causing great sexual stimulations amongst men experiencing some erectile challenges.

There is actually nothing that sucks than failing to get it up while on a date with your partner. First, you do not want to disappoint your partner, and you also want to enjoy every bit of your date, but now you left with no option because your dick can’t get it up. Therefore, these bluechew medication prescriptions were meant to boost your prime sexual urges to quickly turn you on when you want to make love with your partner. This simple pill can even increase your normal size if you aren’t used to being as hard as a rock. If you are experiencing some difficult moments in your love life, then the bluechew medication is the best option to settle finally. I know you’re wondering how this medication is used and even how it works, but this should not worry you either as this article provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to acquire the prescription, how to use it and even how it works among other vital details about the medication.

What is bluechew?

As mentioned herein, the bluechew is a chewable ED pill meant to hence, men’s sexual stimulations during sex. You should chew it to avoid for faster absorption into the body, thus making it work faster as compared to other ED medications. It is, however, not so sweet despite the sugar additions and different flavors meant to make it taste better. You can also swallow it if you don’t like the taste after chewing it.

Acquiring this medication is not a process either; all you need to do is make an online order as the doctors assess your health through the online platform and as well make the delivery as soon as the prescription is complete.

Whereas other ED medications come in only a single form like Viagra, the Bluechew pills come in two forms, namely the sildenafil and tadalafil hence its powerful effects. The. 30mg per pill dosage also makes it stronger.

Who should take the Bluechew Pills?

The Bluechew pills also referred to as the sildenafil medication can be used in quite several situations some of which includes;

•Treating physical erectile problems amongst men resulting from imbalances of nitric oxide in the penis. These imbalances could be brought about by aging factors or even low testosterone hormones in the body.

•Reducing stress and anxiety hence increasing the sexual urges.

•Used by pornstars to increase their sexual anxieties for longer and harder shots.

Is Bluechew legit and safe for use?

The bluechew medication is legit and very safe for all people experiencing some sexual dysfunctions. If you are having some worries on this medication, then you should relax as the Bluechew pills are very and legit for all persons experiencing difficulties to erect during sex. Doctors through the online platforms will assess your health to ensure that the medication is fit for you so that you are not taking other pills or other medications that can counteract the efficiency of these drugs or even cause some harmful effects. You will, therefore, be called upon to fill out some online assessment forms to help you get the best prescription based on your sexual difficulties. If you still don’t believe in the safety of these drugs, then you can as well get in touch with the Bluechew medical team to help you understand the efficiency and as well as the safety of these pills.

Does bluechew work?

Yes, indeed, bluechew leaves you with amazing changes in your sexual performances. The pills will make you horny all day looking like a youngster in his adolescence stages. These pills are highly recommended for gays who would quickly lose their sexual urges at about 40. The bluechew drugs will keep your dick spiced up for longer durations hence making you urge for harder fucks even at your old age.

The bluechew assessment

To acquire these pills, doctors need to assess your health condition and determine if you need the bluechew pills and the dosage you should be taking. Therefore, filling out the online health assessment form is compulsory for all people who need the pills. The assessment form consists of 19 questions meant to determine if you have any records of heart failure or other heart-related conditions that would restrict you from taking the bluechew pills.

Some of the assessment questions entails:

√ Knowing if you ready to take the pills and why you choose the bluechew pills for treating your sexual dysfunctioning.

√ Your take on other ED pills and whether you are currently under any other medication.

√ Whether you can walk or even run for one mile without making any stop.

√ Stating whether you are allergic to any foods, drugs, or anything that would hinder the bluechew consumption.

√ Whether you have undergone any surgery or you’re experiencing blood pressure problems, among other health conditions, that would affect the efficiency of these bluechew pills.

These are some of the questions you will be required to fill out in the health assessment form to help the doctor determine whether you’re fit to take the ED pills and for how long you should take them, not forgetting the dosage. Once the physician has gone through your form, they will immediately send an email message confirming your approval for taking the bluechew medication. The process is simple, and you only need a few hours to fill out the health assessment form and get it approved by a licensed doctor or physician. It is only in rare cases when one may receive a failed response on the assessment credibility, probably in cases where your health conditions contradict and taking the bluechew medication will only worsen the condition. Therefore the doctor will advise on complete refrain from the pills. If you are, however, safe to use drugs, it only takes approximately 2 to 3 days before you can get your order delivered.

How bluechew medication works.

After taking the ED pills, it only takes about 30mins before you get horny, and you will be groaning pretty hard as you enjoy a hard fuck with your partner. The drugs will keep you found for as long periods to even a day as you enjoy amazing sexual pleasures with your partner. If you’re using these pills for the first time, then expect extreme sexual urges. You will have the best erection of the year, which will make you want to fuck for the whole day.

Your penis gets ultra-sensitive, and you develop strong sexual feelings such that you want to keep enjoying sex again and again. However, these pills are not meant for premature ejaculation. You can, therefore, take some time before you cum. This should not worry you either since bluechew will still get you on track. Even after the first ejaculation, you will still cum again after a few hours.

You also need to understand that bluechew is not designed to get you a larger dick if you have a tiny tot. Your penis size will just remain the same since the pills are only made to enhance your sexual urges without distorting or making any changes on your dick.

Bluechew ingredients

This ED pill is made from two active ingredients, namely sildenafil and tadalafil, which are all safe to use. The sildenafil ingredient is responsible for allowing a continuous flow of blood into your penis, making it harder. This ingredient also ensures that the blood flowing to the penis stays there for a longer duration to keep you fucking hard in as much as you like with your partner. Sildenafil is meant to remain active in the body for about 4 hours, and you can, therefore, take it in just about 30 minutes earlier to give it some time before it can take you to another world of sexual anxiety. You will feel like you have not hard sex in a year.

The ingredient is a perfect option for people going on a date and is probably planning to fuck. The pills can make you long for a hard fuck such that you don’t feel like staying away from your partner. You will want to stay closer to them to keep enjoying the sexual intimacies. The tadalafil ingredient, on the other hand, is meant to maintain a constant flow of blood into your penis for 24 hours. Therefore if you want to make love with your partner in the day but not sure about the exact time that you’re meeting, then this is the right option to go for.

How much does Bluechew cost

The best thing about this pill is its affordability. The company provides a free trial pill before you can buy the bluechew pill. If the trial pill works out effectively, then you can go ahead purchasing the actual pills through active subscriptions than costs about $20 every month. There are also $30, $50 and $90 subscription plans depending on the best option that suits you.

Key Benefits of Bluechew


These pills are very convenient, and you can take them anytime and anywhere you like. You don’t even require a complicated procedure to make them as you can chew just a pill after taking your lunch or dinner, and you’re good to go.

•Safe and legit

Bluechew has been tested and approved as a safe pill to use for all people experience some sexual imperfections provided their health conditions allow them. Fully licensed physicians give the prescriptions, and you have nothing to worry about while taking the pills. However, this does not give you a chance to go against your dosage, and prescriptions as this would result in side effects.

•Bluechew works

This pill has been used for a long time, and it is proven to work effectively in increasing the sexual urge to people facing difficulties yo erect. The major idea is about getting your dick hard and firm and keeping it erect for a longer duration to enjoy the best sexual pleasures with your partner.

•Offers a free trial pill

The bluechew company is preferred as it also provides a free pill to test its efficiency before buying the actual bluechew pills. This is simply a guarantee that the pills will effectively work out and that you should not have any worries about the performance. If you feel that the pills didn’t work for you, the company has offered a money-back guarantee for one work.


•There is nothing much negative about the bluechew pill. However, these pills are not FDA approved though this should not be a great concern since the FDA fully approves the key ingredients, namely sildenafil and tadalafil.

•Some users have reported in some side effects such as nausea, back pain, and headaches. However, this happens if you take two pills of the bluechew at the same time. Therefore, if you’re experiencing such effects, you may consider taking just a single pill or even cutting one piece into two and taking only a half of it. In case the side effects persist, you can also talk to your doctor to advise you accordingly.

Final verdict

Finding a perfect generic Viagra that is 100% safe can be quite challenging, with the many options available in the market. Bluechew, therefore, comes in as the best option to treat your erectile dysfunction providing the best sexual prime urges hence giving you the best moments as you make love with your partner. This will is not only affordable but also discreet and convenient for all, thus making it the best option for all. Therefore why don’t you try it out and see how your sexual performances improve in just a few hours.