Best Water Based Lube – Get Slippery and Fun!

Water Based Lube

When it comes to sex, the wetter you are, the better it is likely to feel. Vaginal dryness has been a concern that necessitated the manufacture of lubes to aid in lubrication. Lubes are meant to reduce the friction during sex, make your skin smoother, and make sex as pleasurable as possible.

There is a variety of lubes that people use depending on their needs and preferences. Petroleum lubes, silicone lubes, plant-oil based lubes, and the water based lubricants. Like the rest of them, water based lubricant has both advantages and disadvantages.

There are many types of water-based lubes, as stated earlier. He best water-based lubes are made to be very gentle on your skin and your tissues. Most of these lubes are manufactured by companies whose sole priority is the manufacture of healthy products rather than making profits. However, the safest and the healthiest ones are inclusive of the following;

Sutil Luxe

This water-based lube has a very silicone feel. The lube is very soft and silky, and it will definitely convert a silicone-lube lover to a water-based lube lover. This lube is also long-lasting compared to other water-based lubes. The ingredients used in the making of this lube are very friendly to the environment. And they are all eco-certified and botanically sourced. Hyaluronic acid is the main ingredient found in this lube, and it is commonly known as Nature’s Lubricant; thus, the lube is an excellent lubricant. The acid works to keep the skin elastic in addition to lubrication of body joints. The lube binds with water to make it more slippery and to prevent the water from evaporating fast.

This lube is very popular because it also has a well-balanced Ph. The lube has a low osmolality; thus, it cannot disturb the balance of vaginal bacteria, which causes infections in the vagina.

Good clean love

This lube has an aloe juice water base. It is also 95 percent organic, and its smell and taste are pleasant. The lube is vanilla flavored, which makes it suitable and completely safe to eat too. The lube is safe for both vaginal and penis use but probably not the best for anal use. It contains lactic acid, which is what makes it more acidic compared to other water-based lubes. Vaginas that have a generally high acidity can use this lube but carefully because the colorectal region is very low on acidity. This lube may be too acidic for some butts too.

Sliquid Silk

This lube does not have many ingredients in it. It is merely a creamy and long-lasting lube. Sliquid Silk is made of silicone, emollient esters, and water with water taking up 80 percent of the lube’s volume. Sliquid Silk is a very long-lasting lube which is as a result of the silicone ingredients contained in it. A fantastic feature of this lube is that it can be washed off after use very quickly. This lube is not waterproof like most silicone lubes . The cream emollients give this lube its creamy look, feel, and some extra lubrication. This ingredient acts as a moisturizer for dry skin.

Other Sliquid Silk lubes that are recommended are Sea, Sassy, H2O, Satin, Swirl, Natural line, and Sizzle.

Best Water Based Lubes for Anal

Anal silicone toys require a lube that is very thick. The reason for the thickness is to give you extra cautioning for your rectal tissues. This allows you to go bigger, deeper, and harder without feeling pain. The best lubes to use anally are water-based lubes because they do not destroy your silicone dildos. There are two anal water-based lubes that are recommended; Sliquid Sassy and Jo H2O Anal.

Sliquid Sassy

This lube is best for people with sensitive skin. It is also the thickest water-based lube on the market. This lube is very popular too, and it has a very high rating on amazon of 4.5 stars. Sliquid Sassy is a very long-lasting lube and probably the best when using anal silicone toys. This lube can also work well vaginally because it is very thick. It does not rely on simulation of natural lubrication.

What are water-based lubricants?

These lubes are commonly known as versatile lubes. Water-based lubes can be used in any activity regardless of whether it is vaginal or anal. They can also be used with silicone toys without the lube destroying the toy. These lubes are also safe to use with both latex and non-latex condoms, and they have been seen to reduce the risk of condom breakage.

Different lubes are recommended for different uses. There are those water-based lubes that are best for vaginal sex and others that are best for anal sex. Vaginal lubes should balance the pH of the vagina and reduce the friction in that area. The best water-based lubes should not stain your sheets, they should be easy on your skin, and they should wash off easily.

Water-based lubes are the most common lubricants. They come in varieties of those with glycerine such as K-Y Jelly, Doc Johnson Good head and Astroglide; and those without glycerine such as Isabel Fay and Carrageenan. Lubes with glycerine has a slightly sweet taste compared to those that are glycerine-free.

Advantages of water-based lubricants

Works well with silicone

These lubes have been seen to work effectively with toys made of silicone material. Lubes that are made from silicone tend to wrap and destroy silicone vibrators and dildos, making them less preferred to water-based lubes.

They have a good scent

A good scented lube is fun to use and definitely a good turn on. These water-based lubes have a mild citrus smell, and at times they are entirely scentless. The type pf lubes that have a funky smell are harsh on vaginal and rectal tissues. This is because these lubes contain ingredients that are derived from petroleum, which is dangerous. Lubes that have a bad smell can be a turn off to some people and probably not the best to spice up your sex life.

Can be cleaned up easily

Cleaning up after having a pleasurable experience can be very frustrating. These water-based lubes are water-based, meaning that they are water-soluble. This is very advantageous when it comes to cleaning up. These lubes come off with a natural wash and rinse. They are not hard to clean up like waterproof silicone lubes are.

Besides, these lubes are very cost-effective, they are easy to find, and they are very safe to use with condoms and other sex toys.

Disadvantages of water-based lubes

They are risky

Some water-based lubes have harsh preservatives and ingredients derived from petroleum that are added during manufacturing. Such lubes can destroy the mucous membrane as well as the flora of the vagina and the rectum. The aftermath is a high risk of BV, STI transmissions, and yeast infections. Water-based lubes are at times risky and not always the best to use on vaginas and butts.

They evaporate easily

Water evaporates very quickly, and so do water-based lubes. When using these lubricants, you will require to reapply frequently, especially for solo penis masturbation and hand-jobs. The process is a tiresome one because after the water has evaporated, you will be needed to add some more lube to make your skin smooth again. The evaporated water leaves behind additives from the lube, such as thickeners, humectants, and preservatives, which make your skin very sticky. The best lubes are the ones that have no sugar alcohol ingredients such as glycerine in them.

The lubes that are glycerine free in addition to the above cons also have a bitter taste. This may pose a problem, especially for couples who like to switch things in the bedroom. Couples who like switching between penetrative and oral sex may find these lubes irritating.

What to avoid

When shopping for a lube, there are a few things you need to know so as to avoid getting a lube that isn’t good for you. There are many different options to choose from; flavored, tingling, warming, and also natural lubes. These lubes can be fun to use, but the ingredients in them can cause adverse damages to your skin and your tissues later.

Look at the ingredients of the lube before making a purchase. It is not wrong to test for the Ph value of the lube with litmus strips if you can, especially for over-the-counter lube products. The best Ph value for a lube should be between 3.5 to 4.5 because that is the standard pH level of a vagina.

Certain ingredients have been found to cause irritation of the skin and inflammation of body tissues. Lubes that contain glycerine, petroleum, chlorhexidine gluconate, nonoxynol-9, and propylene glycol are not safe to use. These ingredients are not friendly to the skin.

Other lubes minimize the risk of getting infections and STIs. Lubes that are free of paraben, glycerine, and petroleum are the best ones to reduce risks of disease. For people who prefer using condoms and toys, the best lubes for them are lubes that are rubber, plastic, and latex-friendly. It is crucial to apply a non-oil-based lube on the outside of a condom before proceeding. People who use condoms, dental dams, and diaphragms should embrace the use of lubes to make their sex lives more exciting and their sex more pleasurable.

People have different reasons for using lube, but the main reason why most people use lube is to increase lubrication. Lube makes sex more fun, pleasurable, and enjoyable, and so it should not be looked at as an indication of failing romance between couples.

Things to consider when buying lubes

Vaginal lubricants are made differently to serve people individually. Some brands of lubes will work better for some people than for others, which is why it is imperative to analyze your needs before settling for a specific lube.

For people who are dealing with dryness, silicone-based lubes are the best. This is because these lubes are long-lasting, and they contain glycerine, which prevents them from drying fast.

People who are prone to yeast infections should go for lubes that are glycerine-free. The glycerine in the lube causes irritation to your vagina or your anal region and triggers diseases by killing the “good bacteria.”

Those trying to conceive should use a sperm-friendly lube. These lubes are written sperm-friendly or fertility-friendly on their packages as they have a negative effect on sperm motility. If you want to have a baby then this is the lube that is recommended for you and your partner.

For people who use sex toys, then it is clear water-based lubes are the best pick for them. Toys made with silicone material cannot use silicone lubes because it destroys the toys. Water-based lubes are the most effective for people who use condoms and such sex toys like dildos in their bedrooms.

The critical thing to have in mind when buying lubes is your safety and comfort, as well as that of your partner. These lubricants are used to spice up your sex sessions and also your solo sex sessions. The increased wetness is an excellent way to improve lubrication and to increase comfort during sex. Using lubes also increases sexual arousal in a person.

The amount of lube you use and the period for how long you use the lubricant will determine how much fun you are likely to have. Take note of the lubricant that works best for you to avoid infections and irritations on your vagina, anus, and your penis.