Best Sex Dolls Reviewed: Lifelike Silicone and TPE

Best Sex Dolls Reviewed: Lifelike Silicone and TPE

Sex Dolls are the best way to spice your sex life. If you ever tried one, then you’ll realize that sex toys are best for both sexes. With body shapes and surface similar to real-life sex-partners, sex toys provide you with the utmost pleasure that your body needs. Being with a quality sex-toy is like spending a night with that model you desire.

Besides, getting enjoyable sex any time of the week you desire, these sex dolls gift you with a life companion. For starters, they are better than real companions as they offer you real value for your money. The high-piece arts sex dolls have been a haven for guys who are in boring relationships. Most of these guys found the love doll better than sexual partners.

Also, when buying a love doll, it’s always vital to invest in quality. Some companies manufacture cheap dolls that are hard to clean or tear apart after a short time.

Our culture nowadays is finding a one-night-stand mate, rather than a long relationship. It is for the reason that I decided to research the best sex toys and equipment in the market. We all love our sexuality and exploring it is one of our deepest fantasies.

More so, if you have never tasted a virgin in your whole life, then it’s time to buy the sex dolls. These dolls come untouched, and it’s upon you to unleash pleasure on them. Also, when trying them, ensure you are fully prepared for the immersive pleasure you will experience. Most of them come with three orifices, which allows you to have oral, anal, or vaginal sex to your tastes to let you have the best of your silicon wife you buy.

In our guide, we showcase you the top male sex dolls on the market, check them below.

Factors to consider before buying a sex doll

Before getting your favorite companion, here are the factors to look into:

1. Compatibility– It is recommended to buy a toy with a body that fits many faces. Buying a doll with a celestial body allows you to change looks more often. That way, you don’t have to purchase many dolls but instead, buy different faces. Each face gives you the sense of a new partner.

2.Interchangeability– Most realistic sex doll retailers offer you a choice of man dolls. With multiple faces, you can easily change your toy to your favorite face. More so, the different looks give you the feeling of many partners.

3. Customization– Sex dolls come in different forms, but those with customizable parts are for you. As so, you’ll get a chance to design your toy to suit your taste. Also, some dolls come as fully-assembled, while others require you to assemble them. When joining them, you can loosen or tighten the attachment of the neck to the body as you desire.

4. Eyes– If you love blue eyes or black, you should buy a toy that allows you to modify them. More so, buy a doll that enables you to change the eyes quickly.

5. Cost– On average, sex dolls cost between $50 and $7000. When going for a sex doll, ensure you prioritize quality. However, don’t lose yourself with high prices during the search. The good news is you can find a sex toy that costs less. Not only will you get your favorite sex doll, but you’ll not break your bank in the process.

Which sex doll material should I choose?

The age of sex dolls has been long with the first realistic sex dolls being available in the 17th century. These dolls were made of clothing, which, of course, does not seem appealing. Currently, most realistic sex doll on the market currently are of silicone and TPE materials. These materials are best and provide near-identical experience to that of a real woman’s body. You will want to make sure you have high quality material so you won’t have to worry about issues in the future.

So if you are unsure of the material to use, then we’ll break it down for you. Most sex toys, such as dildos are made of Silicone. Silicone is non-porous and easy-to-clean which makes it a top choice for sex toys. These features have made silicon the recommended material for manufacturing them. Also, silicon does not wear faster like other materials, which makes it durable sex toys. If you are using a silicone love doll, then its good to avoid silicone lubes as they can damage your toy.

Thermoplastic elastomer, commonly known as TP, is another excellent material for manufacturing sex toys. TP is a rubber which has a more realistic feel that is near identical to Silicone. However, you’ll find it hard to clean TP toys and is also less durable, making Silicone the best material for making sex toys.

Top ten sex dolls

1. Stephanie 1.0 sex doll

The Stephanie 1.0 sex doll is the best in our review. The sex doll is almost identical to a real human being. Stephanie 1.0 has a myriad of features such as 33 cup breasts and a shaven pussy, which makes your sex fantasy real. You’ll also enjoy its Hi-realism eyes and tan skin tone that the model possesses. With the Face X feature, you can swap the head of the model and use other faces.

The model is 5ft and 3 inches tall. She has three holes: anus, mouth, and vagina. Therefore, if you enjoy anal or oral sex, then it’s the best set for you. Besides, its body contains silicone material, which makes it softer. You can also remove the vagina easily if you want to wash it. Overall, Stephanie’s curvaceous body, which composes of her dreamy hips and perfect tits, makes it the ideal for fulfilling your fantasies. The only downside to this model is the hefty price tag on its body.

2. Natalie 2.0 doll

Real Doll’s Natalie is the second-best option on the brand’s line. She has a removable vagina that attaches to its body via magnets. Also, the model has red lips, long hair, and protruding nipples. As typical with most RealDoll sex dolls, you can customize her entire body to suit your desires.

The star is 160cm long and has three holes in her body. These are the anus, mouth, and vagina. Therefore, you can easily indulge in oral, vaginal, and anal sex with the model. You can also remove its vagina easily and implant different gels. Also, if you don’t like her face, then you can easily replace it with Real Doll’s vast assortment of doll heads. The only downside to Natalie 2.0 is the expensive tag on her sexy body.

3. Auburn

Auburn is our favorite sex doll in our review. She is made from TPE material, and she comes with her own unique story. A college student from Seattle, she is a virgin who is ready to please you with all her body. She loves oral, vaginal, and anal sex and enjoys offering you pleasure in each. Also, she is a professional poser and will pose the most creative porn poses for you.

So, if you are looking for a lady who comes with smooth and juicy breasts, then it’s time to buy Auburn. She is talented, and her soft and realistic skin caresses your body to the optimum desire. Auburn has B cup breasts and a height of 157cm. The downside to the model is her TPE Material, which is less durable when compared with Silicone.

4. Olivia 2.0 doll

If you are looking for a toy that offers you versatility, then it’s time to check the Olivia 2.0 doll. The sex doll has an interchangeable head that allows you to change her face. Well, she is blonde and has beautiful chestnut nipples. She also possesses gels in her buttocks and breasts, which gives her a more realistic look.

Olivia has breasts of cup size 33C and a height of 160cm. She is made from Silicone material and has three gaping holes in her body. You can also remove her vagina for cleaning. If you prefer changing the model’s head, then you’ll find it easier to do so. The model also comes with gel implants, which gives her the best blonde look.

5. Bunny Playmate

If you want to bring your playboy life to be healthy, then it’s best to buy the Playmate model. She will fulfill all your fantasies and offer you realistic sex that will make you come for more. Bunny loves to dress in lingerie and look great when she wants to kiss you. She also loves vaginal and oral sex, which makes her the best partner if you enjoy oral sex.

Bunny’s flexible joints can twist themselves to suit the position you desire most. More so, she is the perfect voluptuous buddy who will ignite your sexual fantasies. Her ass has an excellent shape and comes with protruding breasts will turn you on first sight. The only downside with the model is her TPE body material construction, which is less durable than Silicone materials.

Should I buy a sex toy?

Well, if you are tired of masturbating with your hands, then it’s time to get a sex toy. Also, a fleshlight may not be enough to stimulate your body, making it best to but a sex toy. Also, if you are lonely in your life or lack of time to date, then sex toys will do much better for you. They are also best as they provide you the feeling of a real woman’s body, and you won’t have to worry about missing a lady’s body.

If you want something a little different, there are plenty of shemale sex dolls on the market today. You can’t imagine how many different products there are out there that address what you are looking for in a toy.

Also, a sex doll can be a source of comfort to your body and mind. If you recently divorced your wife or dating a partner who lives far away, then there is no cause to worry. Or maybe you work in a place where you hardly get offs or time to spend with your partner.

However, if you have doubts or a negative perception of sex toys, then it’s best not to choose sex toys. It is an expensive venture to buy a toy and in the end, find that it doesn’t help your sex life. Besides, if you have a real partner who lives near you, then they may be shocked if they find a sex toy in your bedroom. For such cases, it’s best to jerk off with your hand or use fleshlights as they are less noticeable than real sex toys.

Must I clean my sex doll?

For Silicone or TP sex dolls, it is best to clean them twice or thrice a month. When cleaning silicone sex toys, take care and ensure to clean them thoroughly as they are porous hence may develop bacteria. Also, avoid using water when cleaning these dolls as it can damage them. You only need some water and mild soap when cleaning these dolls.

However, you may find the cleaning of the orifices a daunting task. But, if they are removable, then it will be best for you. Use a sponge to clean the holes and flush them out after cleaning. Also, these parts ensure you use lukewarm water and mild soap. Also, remember to wash your doll consistently as you can quickly get infections when you fail to clean them.

After cleaning your doll, leave it for some time to dry. If you’re in a hurry, you can get them near your fan and increase its speed to dry her faster. However, you should avoid the hot blow dryer as the device can damage your doll.

Also, for TPE dolls, you’ll have to take care of it just like you do with a babe. Its skin feels similar to real leather, and you should put some oil to soften it. You should also apply some baby powder on the surface. By doing so, you’ll make the doll’s skin to remain smoother, which helps it to last longer.

Also, when storing your sex doll, ensure it is a dry and cool place. Never hang your toy out in the sunlight. If you have both silicone and TPE dolls, then always ensure they are not stored together. The materials can react with each other, which can change the appearance or shape of your toys.


Sex dolls are the newest craze in the toy sex world, and everyone wants a piece. Getting the best one that matches your liking can be a daunting task; nonetheless, the above information will get you to whatever kind that best fits your needs.