Best Dildos and Dongs on The Thickest

Sex is great. But, it’s even better with the best dildo. With a dildo, you can enhance your partner’s sex life. As a woman, you can take your pleasure in your own hands with the right dildo.

With a huge variety of dildos in the market, it can be difficult to pick a dildo that meets your needs. Looking for the right dildo to pleasure your partner or yourself?

In this post, we review the best dildos on the market


Top Dildo Reviews

A lot of men feel that bringing the best dildos in the bedroom means they are sexually deficient. Well, that is not always true. In fact, bringing the right hardware is a plus. Majority of women welcome a little adventure in the bedroom.

Clitoral stimulation helps a woman to enjoy the ultimate orgasm. So, unless you have a vibrating penis, you need a dildo with you in the bedroom.

Here are the best dildos that we can recommend.

  • Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand
    Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand

    This metal wand will definitely become a favorite. Made from stainless steel,

  • Njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo
    Njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo

    This amazing dildo from Njoy is made of heavy stainless steel.

  • Alex Silicone Dildo
    Alex Silicone Dildo

    Perfect for G-spot stimulation, the Alex Silicone Dildo has a special curve.

  • NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo
    NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo

    Made from hand-selected woods, the NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo has sleek S-shaped curves

Njoy Pure G Spot Metal Wand

This metal wand will definitely become a favorite. Made from stainless steel, its smooth, hypoallergenic, and phthalate-free. Also, its corrosion-resistant which means, you can clean with mild soap and warm water after use.

Alternatively, you can boil and dry with a soft microfiber cloth.

It’s available in a special curve form. As such, it doubles as a G-spot stimulator and a prostate massager. This is a plus for the adventurous woman or couple. Each end has a smooth ball. One ball is 3 inches in circumference and the other is 5 inches giving the dildo a weighty feel.

You might think that upon insertion, the dildo will be cold. Well, it warms to the body temperature. Alternatively, you can run it under warm water. If you love cold steel up your vagina or anal, place the dildo in the refrigerator to chill.

Things we like

• Easy to control • Has 8 inches of insertable length • Waterproof • Safer and healthier • Hypoallergenic and phthalate-free

Things we don’t like

• Expensive compared to other models

Njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo

This amazing dildo from Njoy is made of heavy stainless steel. It weighs 2.75 pounds making it one of the heaviest dildos. Stainless steel is waterproof and corrosion-free. It’s hypoallergenic and phthalate-free too.

Many consumers love this dildo because it’s skin-friendly and body safe. If you are in the market for a quality dildo that will stimulate your G-spot, we recommend the Njoy Eleven Stainless Steel Dildo.

It has 8.5 inches of insertable length and thanks to the unique shape, it offers a realistic experience. Two inches in diameter, this dildo can push the boundaries of any adventurous lady or couple.

This is a perfect travel companion. It comes in a designer leather tote bag that fits in a standard carry case or travel bag. Now, you can stimulate your G-spot and experience the best orgasm as you travel.

Remember, you can warm or cool the stainless-steel dildo to your favorite temperature. This introduces different sensations in your play.

Things we like

• Made of stainless steel meaning its corrosion resistant
• Works with water-based and silicone-based lube
• Has 8.5 inches of insertable length
• Stylish
• Comes in a leather tote bag

Things we don’t like

• Heavy at 2.75 pounds
• Expect an arm workout with this dildo

Alex Silicone Dildo

Perfect for G-spot stimulation, the Alex Silicone Dildo has a special curve. It comes with a wide base that is compatible with an O-ring harness. Made of medical-grade silicone, its skin-friendly and body safe.

It’s also hypoallergenic, smooth and phthalate-free. Thanks to the bendable core, it’s anal safe and does not pop out of place. The dildo is also perfect for prostate play. As a handcrafted dildo, it warms up to the body temperature upon insertion.

It has a thin and seductive profile making it perfect for slipping into the vagina or anal without discomfort. The Alex Silicone Dildo comes in a creative and ergonomic design which makes it suitable for different positions.

The patterns and colors are original and will not fade after use or when cleaning. Speaking of cleaning. Wash with mild soap and warm water. Alternatively, you can boil the dildo for three minutes.

Dry with a soft cloth and store in a dry place to avoid coming into contact with pathogens.

Things we liked

• Comes in environmentally friendly packaging
• Made of body-safe and skin-friendly silicone
• Has a special curve for stimulating G-spot and prostate
• Thin and seductive profile makes it perfect for anal penetration
• Compatible with a strap-on harness

Things we don’t like

• Has no suction cup
• Pricey compared to other models

NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo

Made from hand-selected woods, the NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo has sleek S-shaped curves. With the bulbed end, the dildo is perfect for solo G-spot stimulation. It’s also great for P-spot play.

Easy to control, all you need to do is hold the bulbed end and enjoy the fullness with each stroke. To make the dildo skin-friendly, it has a silky smooth Lubrosity finish. This enhances stimulation while preventing small injuries.

The Lubrosity coating is odorless and stems from years of research. As such, you can soak the dildo in water and clean with mild soap. No toxic petroleum distillates or oils will leak out. After cleaning, dry with a soft cloth. Extra care needed.

Each dildo has a unique character with a luxurious texture. It’s compatible with all known lubricants – water-based and silicone-based. Worried about temperature during penetration? Don’t! You will not elicit any gasp.

The NobEssence Sculptured Hardwood Dildo responds to your body temperature upon first contact. Also, it retains heat stimulating your vagina for the best pleasure.

Things we liked

• Has luxurious textures
• Comes in sleek S-shaped curves
• Perfect for solo G spotting or P spot play
• Biocompatible Lubrosity finish is body-safe
• Leaks no toxic petroleum distillates

Things we don’t like

• Extra care needed

Choosing the Best Dildo

Apart from pleasuring yourself, using dildos can open up a new world of adventure for you. Not only will this bring you and your partner close but you will experience the ultimate orgasm. After all, who doesn’t want to have the G-spot stimulated culminating in orgasm after orgasm?

Shopping for the best dildo can be overwhelming. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Where to begin?

Here are things to consider when shopping for the best dildo, even if you are looking to keep your costs low.


Dildos come in different materials. Some are medical-grade silicone-based while others are stainless steel and hardwood based. You may also come across dildos made of glass or plastic. Worried about phthalates and leaching chemicals? We recommend medical-grade silicone, stainless steel, wood, and glass.

If you plan on boiling your dildo to sterilize it, the best materials are silicone, glass and stainless steel. Wood dildos have luxurious textures but they need extra care and maintenance.

We recommend the following body-safe and skin-friendly materials – silicone, glass, wood, and stainless steel.


Some people love girth while others prefer the average size. The average diameter of a dildo is 1.5 inches while the average insertable length is 7 inches. If you want something smaller that will not cause discomfort during anal penetration, we recommend a small dildo.

But, if you are not worried about girth and insertable length, you have a variety of sizes to pick. Size matters when it comes to traveling. If you would like to carry your dildo with you on your travels, pick an average size dildo.

This makes it easier to keep the dildo out of sight.


Dildos come in different textures. Some are smooth while others have veins, ripples, ridges, and bumps. Smooth dildos are easy to insert especially during anal penetration. In fact, you can insert a smooth dildo without lube.

Dildos with ridges, veins, and bumps stimulate the vagina. Some consumers swear by the pleasure that textured dildos provide. If you want a dildo that is easy to insert, we recommend a smooth dildo.

But, if you want to enhance your experience and stimulation, try a dildo with extra texture. Remember to use water-based or silicone-based lube.


Dildos also come in a variety of shapes. You can find colorful ones and realistic dildos. When buying your first dildo, we recommend picking a shape that you find arousing and not intimidating.

A great place to start is an average size smooth dildo. If you are an experienced shopper, you have a huge variety of shapes to pick from. Each is ideal for stimulation. You can find dildos that can stimulate the G-spot, P-pot and other sweet spots.

For a different experience, try dildos with special curves.

O-ring Harness Compatibility

Solo plays are great but you can be adventurous as a couple. That means finding a dildo that is O-ring compatible. Harness compatible dildos have a flared base. This means you can slide the dildo into the O-ring for strap-on sex with your partner.

It is important to confirm the O-ring diameter before buying the dildo. You may also come across double-ended dildos. These are also great for couples as you can share. For strapless sex, we recommend a dildo with a suction cup base.

This will allow you to attach the base on any hard surface – glass or tiled wall.

Care and Maintenance

Proper cleaning of dildos and other sex toys is more important than you think. Why? You get to avoid bacterial infection or the transmission of STIs. With proper care and maintenance, your favorite dildo can last for years.

Dildos are made from a variety of materials. You have glass, stainless steel, wood, and silicone. Some dildos are porous while others are non-porous. A suction cup dildo is a great addition to anyone’s collection. A glass dildo can be very entertaining as well. You can clean some dildos with mild soap and warm water because many of them are very easy to clean. For others, boiling for three minutes sterilizes the dildo. Sex toys like this can get dirty, so make sure to follow the proper instructions.

This is the quickest and safest way to kill fungus and bacteria. Apart from boiling, you can use rubbing alcohol especially for glass, silicone, stainless-steel and realistic dildos.

Sex toys made from wood need extra care and maintenance. It is important to check the instruction manual in the package. Remember, never boil a PVC dildo. The high temperature of boiling water can ruin your favorite toy.

Ready For Your first Realistic Dildo?

To amp up your pleasure, you need the best dildo that meets your needs. Some people love small and smooth dildos. They are perfect for anal penetration. In fact, they are perfect for vaginal penetration and do not cause any discomfort.

Some consumers prefer large-sized dildos with texture and a suction cup, as well as bumps, ridges, and veins. To satisfy your internal sweet spots, we recommend buying a dildo that meets your needs. Why not start with the dildos reviewed above. A sex toy like a realistic dildo will satisfy anyone interested in having a good time.

You will be sure to find the perfect dildo that strikes your fantasy.

Have fun!