Best Squirting and Ejaculating Dildos – Reviews that Cum

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P-Spot / G-Spot Sinclairs Institute Onyx Glass Dildo

This dildo resembles an awkward black boomerang with one tip assuming the shape of a golf ball. Hence it is the best glass dildo for any user with wide experience in G-spot or P-spot stimulation. It is made from 100% borosilicate glass. The black tempered glass is permanently etched in its surface making it shatterproof and crack-proof at the time. At less than US$30.00, it is well within the reach of many users, beginners and gurus alike.


• The maker designed it with G-spot and P-spots stimulation in mind
• It is affordable


• The complicated shape of this dildo requires you to have deep knowledge of your orifices

6. Spartacus Blown Mediums Realistic Glass Dildo

This realistic and clear glass dildo resembles the actual dick complete with a conspicuous head and veins running the length of the shaft. If you are into realistic-looking dildos but you are allergic to the regular TPE or Silicone dildos, this is the best option for you. The base reclines into a slightly wider flared base that provides a firm and comfortable grip while you’re stroking yourself. It is 7.5 inches long – the ideal length of a perfect dildo.


• It assumes a realistic look compared to other dildos on this list
• At US$40.00, it is within the affordability reach


• The veiny texture may be quite unpleasant to some users

7. Chrytalino Champ Blue Wand G-Spot Dildo

This glass dildo resembles a giant blue sperm with a prominent head and slightly curved tail tip. It is made from borosilicate glass and looks like a dildo straight from the ‘90s. The curved shape of the tail and head is intended to provide the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced. It is highly temperature-responsive as you would expect from any borosilicate glass dildo and quickly assumes the temperature of your orifices or water (if you didn’t want a cold glass in your hole, so you had to put it in warm water first). With the length of 5.5″, it is the best option for anyone on the prowl for an average-sized glass dildo.


• The inspiration behind this dildo seems to be the Venetian glassblowers


• It is not made by Venetian glassblowers

Safety Advice

Glass is a generally safe material for human health. But a glass toy from different makers can be of different quality. Also, not all glass is the same. The sort of glass on the windows of your house is different from that used to make tumblers. For example, beaded glass is a certain type. They might all look the same but they are strengthened and constructed in different ways.

How many types of glass are out there?

There are several types of glass and only two of them can be used to make sex toys: borosilicate (or Pyrex) and soda lime. The best glass dildo has the highest quality of glass.

Borosilicate glass

Borosilicate glass contains infused boron trioxide which lowers the thermal expansion coefficient of glass. In short, this type of glass is very much like the typical window glass only that it has been treated with boron trioxide to withstand huge temperature fluctuations.

Soda lime glass

This is the most common type of glass that can be found in glass jars and windows. Unlike borosilicate glass, this type of glass hasn’t been thermally treated hence cannot withstand extreme temperature variation. It is, therefore, less strong and likely to shatter when exposed to shock.

The essence of annealing – Temperature play

Annealing is the process of slowly heating and cooling glass to remove the stress points from its structure. This is also known as temperature play. The removal of stress points serves to toughen it up. However, the process of annealing differs from one manufacturer to another. That’s the reason why two pieces of the same glass toy from different makers may be of different quality.

You can test the quality of glass in your glass sex toy by performing a test using a polarizing lens. In this test, the toy is placed before the polarizing lens in a room with ample lighting: the observation of “rainbows” within the glass is an indicator of stress points; clear glass means that the structure was properly annealed and is devoid of internal stress.

Tips and tricks on how to use your glass dildos

Glass dildos are in no way different from the regular dildos only that you need to be aware of the properties of glass. For instance, glass can work with all types of lubes, so you are free to buy any type of lube you choose and even blend them to meet your preferences. Borosilicate glass is highly responsive to external temperature, so you’ll need to dip the dildo in warm or cold water for a few minutes before use.

When selecting a glass dildo, you need to narrow to just one factor, the build quality and firmness of the glass. You don’t want to insert a cheap and poorly made piece of glass inside your body – you should only deal with a reputable manufacturer. Glass sex toys, in general, are firm and never flexible compared to silicone-based toys. For that reason, glass dildos are remarkably good at stimulating for discovering the G-spot in advanced users.

Bottom line

There are a wide variety of glass dildos in the market to meet your wildest imaginations. Before considering their aesthetics, cost, and other factors such as length, the quality of the glass should come first. We hope this guide will guide you appropriately when selecting a glass dildo.