Tempting Alice – Pimping Myself Out For A Ride To Manhattan

Pimping Myself Out For A Ride To Manhattan

This morning I had to go to Manhattan. With the subway still down, I checked out the ferry. The line snaked down the wharf, around the corner and down the street. Yeh…probably not.  The line for the shuttle wasn’t much better. So instead, I stood on the corner near the Williamsburg Bridge like a hooker hoping for the best. Within seconds a couple stopped their cab and offered to share their ride. What can I say? I worked the shit out of that corner.

I didn’t get so lucky on the way back and had to suck it up for a 2hr walk home. (insert sad face.)

Fun Fact: At Union Square today people lined up for food handouts. Only a few blocks away on 5th Ave, 750 people lined up outside the Apple store for the new Ipad mini. Nice work people!!!