Tempting Alice – My Hurricane Sandy Preparation

My Hurricane Sandy Preparation

Well we are in the final countdown until Hurricane Sandy hits and like a bitch with a bad temper, she gets bigger and angrier the closer she gets to impact. Although only being a category 1 storm, it is the combination of high tides and a predicted 11 foot storm surge that could cause all the problems.

I am on the edge of an evacuation zone – 50m to my right, everyone has been evacuated. Apparently there is a line and I fell the right side…just. I have made all the necessary preparations and stocked up on the essentials, wine, Vegemite and Nutella. You know me, sensible is my middle name. If the flooding gets too bad, I have a blow up pool and I can just float back to Australia. It’s not that far right?

Anyhow, I will post more photos as Sandy gets closer.

Oh and because I am a rock star, I was also interviewed for ABC radio. They are going to check back in with me because I am the expert ;) You can view an excerpt from the interview here.