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“I like the idea of tempting my audience to follow me to wonderland. Wonderland may be my next destination or perhaps a creative space where beautiful photos are made.”

For those that love to dream…

Tempting Alice was born from a dream to create a space where I can showcase my adventures and my photography as an art form.
I aim to promote smart travel and inspire people to create their own journeys

If you dream of waking up somewhere new every day, if you believe happiness is a direction,
reality is overrated and freedom is the ability to move at a moments notice, then this blog is for you.

To help you get to know me, I had a beautiful video made by the ever so talented Johnny Abegg.
Johnny made my dreams come to life and the video embodies everything that is Tempting Alice.

I wanted the video to have a dream sequence.
Nothing is more dreamy than floating silently over the Byron hinterland in a hot air balloon at sunrise.
A huge thank you to Thomas from Byron Bay Ballooning for making my dreams a reality.

I also captured the magic on my camera.
I hope you enjoy my rose coloured view of the world.