Best Quiet Vibrators – Silent Small Bullet Sex Toys

wo vibrating scores that permit up to five settings. A full battery can last about 40 minutes. It is reusable and waterproof, so you’re free to use it in the bathroom or bathtub at your convenience. Better yet, it comes with a TENGA Hole lube – not one but 2 packs of it!

With a price tag of US$66.00, it is one of the costliest items on Tenga’s line of masturbators. A look at its features and overall quality would convince anyone that it is worth all the bucks on the tag.


• It allows multiple vibration settings
• The inside feels awesome
• The pressure pads are squeezable to produce more suction
• It is rechargeable and the battery life of 40 minutes isn’t that short
• It is easy to clean


• It can take as long as 90 minutes to charge fully
• It is expensive

Pleasure offered in 3D

This toy can easily pass as an art piece – well, it’s actually an art piece. After pleasuring yourself, you can turn it inside-out and place it on the table for visitors to admire it; the exterior is lined with beautiful polygons that make it an amazing eye arrester. Besides its aesthetic value, it is one of the most satisfying pocket pussies out there. You can choose from up to three varieties of sleeves: spiral, module, and polygon, each version has its own geometric pattern. The absence of the outer case will force you to squeeze the exterior of the sleeve with varying pressure to stimulate your penis. It can be used as many as 50 times if it is cleaned and dried properly after every use.


• Their aesthetic design enables them to serve two purposes: as art pieces and as masturbators
• You can easily squeeze the exterior of the sleeve to vary the pressure. This eliminates the need for using sophisticated and costly materials as coatings
• It provides unique texture


• It is made of PVC derivative instead of superskyn
• You can’t comfortably use it more than 50 times

Easy to clean and portable

Unlike other Fleshlight’s toys, this is a see-through pocket pussy which is great for guys who fancy visual stimulation. Its sleeve is lined with superskyn and has grinding windings that create a screw-like texture. You can close the two ends with two replaceable caps to prevent entry of particles when in storage.


• Nice-looking design
• Super compact
• It is open on both ends


• It is too small for penises bigger than 6 inches

History and facts about the Top Realistic and Tight Pocket Pussies

Pocket pussies have been around for a long time but it was not until in 1960 when they become legal to sell and possess in the United States. The precursors of pocket pussies were crude and big. Apparently, the idea of pocket pussies was borrowed from the breeding mounts which were used to collect semen from racing horses for the purpose of artificial insemination.

It is reckoned that a range of natural materials were already in use as sex toys around that time and even today. They include banana skins, hollow cucumbers, papayas and pretty anything hollow and soft enough not to scratch the penis. The rise of the internet and the subsequent popularity of pornography earned them enormous popularity. Steve Shubin is credited with revolutionizing the male sex toy industry. In 1995, he founded the Fleshlight which has become one of the world’s largest makers of masturbators. Modern toys incorporate sophisticated technologies while others have come close to being considered to be “smart” masturbators. The materials of construction have changed remarkably; today, toys are mainly made from Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), rubber, latex, Cyberskin, and other soft plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Are pocket pussies worthy of your bucks?

Although putting your hands to task without a masturbator brings results similar to those you would have got if you used a toy, pocket pussies are designed in such a way that the experience feels realistic. So, yes, pocket pussies are worth your pennies.

How to use your pocket pussy

It isn’t as obvious as it might look. There are several creative ways to utilize your flashlight pocket pussy. The most basic technique entails inserting your dick into the sleeve and sliding it back and forth the same way you would do while masturbating with your hand. You can also do it missionary style – lying face-down with your dick already in the masturbator. Thrust your dick in and out like you would during a normal missionary style intercourse. Be certain to add sufficient lube in the pussy and/or your penis to remove the risk of inflicting minor injuries to your dick through friction. Improve the realistic factor of the pocket pussy by soaking the sleeve in warm water before using it.

Cleaning the best fake pussy

Bacteria can grow rapidly in the masturbator if it is not washed after used. Failure to rinse it in warm water and antibacterial soap after just one use will result in the growth of enormous colonies of bacteria. Such growth can alter the smell of the masturbator drastically and affects its durability. Wash the pocket pussy with water and the appropriate antibacterial formula before turning it inside-out and wiping with a microfiber cloth. If you had missed washing it previously resulting in growths, wash it with vinegar to restore its original state and let it dry.