Best Onahole – The Top Options Ranked & Reviewed

Best Onahole – The Top Options Ranked & Reviewed

Japan is to sex toys what Mexico is to guacamole – the undisputed home of the real thing. And you can’t list all major Japanese made male sex toys without mentioning the Onahole. Onaholes are innovative sex toys that constitute a vagina and a minimal torso. A typical onahole is about 160mm (L) by 90mm (W) by 70mm (H). The soft silicone material makes them squishy and fun to squeeze. Their performance is similar to that of fleshlights and pocket pussies except that fleshlights are a specific line of male masturbators.

There are as many onaholes out there as your lifetime intercourses, even more! In the face of their increasing popularity and variety, however, it can be hard to select the best onahole from the pack. Here are the best onaholes in the market:

Meiki ZXY

Miniature Zhang Xiao Yu

This onahole modeled after Zhang Xiao Yu, the sultry nude Chinese model. It is one of the costliest onaholes out there (US$109.00 on Amazon, perhaps because you’ll be banging a model!). The canal is made of a double layer with its inner layer capable of retaining the lube to keep her moist and slippery. An upgrade of the lips of the opening has had an upgrade with a new stimulation passage and double lip structure as well as a G-spot at the rear. The outer layer is a 3D replica of Yu’s bum – it feels like riding on the real Yu.


• The pussy is incredibly realistic and waterproof
• It is based on a real-life model – that does something to your mind when pleasuring yourself


• It’s expensive

EXE Julia +

Close to real-life experience

This is one of the most realistic onaholes you can purchase. It consists of a life-like vagina in a full torso complete with breasts. The vaginal canal is appropriately textured – with ridges and grooves – to bring a realistic experience during intercourse. The torso is flexible enough to permit a curve that you can utilize by turning it 90 degrees side to side to vary the feeling in the vaginal canal.


• It lets you experience a realistic feeling
• The closed-hole design keeps unwanted particles from getting inside when not


• It isn’t the easiest onahole to clean

Virgin Age Admission

Glory for the small penis

Virgin Age Admission is a tight onahole that’s great for guys with small penises who are out there looking for a mastubator that can provide a snug fit. The canal “feels like a virgin” but it’s for a fact tighter the deeper it gets although it may stretch out with prolonged use. To preserve its durability, do not turn it inside-out (that would damage the canal linings). Instead, fill it with clean and freshwater and let it stay still. While it may be affordable and tight enough, it isn’t as realistic as other models.


• The canal provides a tight fit• The texture in the canal is satisfying• It doesn’t have a definite number of times of use – as long as you maintain it well, you can use it as many times as you want.


• It is made of cheap material that put its durability to doubt

Secret Lover Himekano

Great for anime lovers out for a realistic onahole

This onahole is modeled around Himekano, a stunning manga character. It is a realistic feeling onahole, thanks to its 90mm (L) by 70mm (W) by 160mm (H) torso, realistic breasts and a perfectly textured canal with ridges and layers of twisting bumps. The canal opens to a single end, making it tighter but hard to clean.


• Miniature torso textured canal and breasts; it assures a realistic feeling• Beautiful design


• The plastic produces a smell and can be hard to clean