Best Monkey Rocker Gliders – Sex & Love Glider

Best Monkey Rocker Gliders – Sex & Love Glider

Fast forward to 2019, the popularity of sex monkey gliders is ever surging among sex toy enthusiasts . The device, a self-powered sex machine, functions as a rocking chair with a dildo that penetrates your pussy. It also comes with elements of control, that is, the legs and handles for controlling the speed and depth of penetration.

Monkey rocker sex gliders are available in solo and partner varieties. You can use them for self-stimulation or better still enjoy the intense pleasure with your partner. These devices come at a hefty price, and our guide does the dirty work to find affordable sex gliders for you. If it counts as a sex machine, instead of a do it yourself sex rocker, you will pay a little bit more of a price for this sex toy.

Top Tips for Using a Monkey Rocker Sex Glider

1. Enjoy a Threesome Affair

Ever fantasized about having a threesome with different partners. Well, three men on your knees can be straining to your mouth, pussy, or even anal. But with a sex glider, you can achieve orgasm in all the three body parts. While the chair penetrates you from below, then give your partner a mind-blowing blow job. More so, your partner will help you to rock in the chair when you are about to orgasm.

2. Use other sex toys

The sex glider works you out until have the best experience. While it fucks you slowly, use your hands to stimulate your clitoris with a vibrator. You can also use other toys to stimulate your breasts. But when using them, ensure your orgasm to the level your body can handle.

3. You can DIY it too

If you want a custom sex glider, then you can create one too. There are plenty of YouTube videos that will get you rolling in a short time. Also, building your sex glider means you will tailor the machine to suit your needs.

Top Monkey Sex Gliders in 2019

Cloud 9 F-Slider

If you are looking for a simple monkey slider, then an F-9 slider will do. The device uses your body’s movement to pleasure yourself into submission. You only need to sit in a comfortable position and get the dildo running. It also comes with universal adapters that are compatible with harness-compatible dildos and Vac U Lock. That way, you can bring any dick you love to the table.

Sex Gliders are numerous in the market, and it’s upon you to use our guide to find the most ideal. Besides, if you are a beginner or expert user, you’ll always get a sex glider that serves your needs. Buy one today and enjoy seismic rhythms and get some guilt free pleasure!

Lovebots Love Glider

The Lovebots sex glider is the best of its own. The machine comes as fully assembled and requires less effort to set up. It also works for both vaginal and anal sex, making it the best option for both beginners and experts. With only a few movements, the dildo will slide smoothly to your vagina. Rock the dildo and enjoy sweet and pulsating effects to your body. You will enjoy an orgasm with the best machine from Lovebots.

Its downside, though, is its two PVC dildos. I prefer silicone dildos, but you can buy silicone dildos and replace the PVC dildos on the machine.

Cowgirl Premium Rider

The cowgirl premium is one of the best sex machines on the market. It’s a little bit of a different category than the monkey rocket gliders but, it is allows for the most customization and pleasurable experiences. If you are able to handle the price tag, it’s a product that will last many, many years and provide orgasm after orgasm with ease.

Bangin Bench Extreme Sex Glider

Bangin Sex Glider is the best alternative to a monkey rocker and provides you with intense hands-free stimulation. The chair has a dildo mount that penetrates you while passing on beautiful tingling and sensations. Its top panels are springy; hence, you’ll only need to bounce up and down to ride the dildo. The Bangin Bench is more bouncy and works out your body to its core.