Best Butt Plugs – Anal Plug Toys For Ultimate Pleasure

Butt Plugs are amazing toys when it comes to anal sex – they stimulate the prostate gland to bring an intense anal orgasm. They also add sex flair by ornamenting your ass. Beginners always start on a rough note because the anus was never designed to accommodate objects by insertion. If you are a beginner, be sure to start slow to accustom the sphincter and other anal muscles to butt plugs.

You will know a butt plug when you see – almost all butt plugs come with unmistakable flared base, neck, and pointed head. This post will shed light on most things you need to know about butt plugs: the best butt plugs in the market; how to stay safe; and the reason why butt plugs became famous in the first place.

The Best Butt Plugs in the Market

We begin by providing a list of some of the best rated anal plugs from which can pick your favorite.

Pride Butt Plug LGBTQIA+

(Best Pride Butt Plug)

These beautiful multicolored toys are just 3.2 inches long, soft, and 100% waterproof. The flared base is heart-shaped. It is silicone made. As the name implies, the LGTQIA+ group is its target audience although anyone in need of stroking his butt can acquire it. It is handmade so that the colors may vary from one pack to another. At US$59, it can be quite costly to buy.


• Its length of 3.2 is neither big nor small
• The design is fabulous
• It is meant for a worthy cause; the recognition of the LGBTQIA+ community


• You must only use water-based lube

Njoy Pure Plug Medium

(Best Metal Design Butt Plug)

Although this toy may be quite heavy (200g grams /7 ounces), it stays inside at all times no matter what. You can, therefore, wear it the entire day without requiring adjusting it. Perhaps the most plausible quality about this toy is that it is made from stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean –dip it in boiling water by the base to sanitize it. It is small and perfect for beginners. Its sleek appearance and excellent design are irresistible.


• The stainless steel construction makes it easy to clean
• Beautiful sexy design and sleek look
• The ring flared base makes it easy to hold


• With a price tag of US$58.99, it is quite heavy
• It is quite heavy

Laid B1 Stone Plug

(Best Stone Bum Plug)

This butt plug is made from polished stone. As you would expect, it is heavier than almost every other butt plug of its size. Could it be the butt plug our ancestors got freaky within caves? This weight makes it ideal for advanced users who may be looking for a butt plug that will stay inside for extended periods without requiring readjustment.


• The durable material is perfect for intensifying the orgasm
• It can be cleaned easily


• It can be too heavy to some users
• It is one of the most expensive butt plugs for beginners on the market


(a Best vibrating bum plug)

Instead of stroking yourself with your hand back there, you can settle for this convenient and easy to use a toy that comes with a powerful vibrator at its core. The vibrator can be controlled via an intuitive app through WiFi or Bluetooth connection. You can also control the vibrations of your partner’s plug from anywhere in the world via internet connection. The spiral design of its neck helps retain the lube in your sphincter. This is one of the most ergonomically designed and powerful all-day wear butt plug out there.


• 1.5 hours of battery life when in use and 120 hours in standby mode – that’s long!
• Remote control assistance makes it near effortless to use
• It lets your partner take control of simulation over a long distance
• You can charge with the fast USB charging system


• It is pricey
• It is hard to remove from the butt – such a pain in the ass!

The Hole Bunch

The Hole Bunch comes as a set of several anal toys that takes shape and color of common vegetables such as carrots, radish, and fresh turnips. They are made from silicone and can be worn the whole day comfortably. Aren’t they beautiful to look at? Imagine a basket of red pepper and carrot-like butt plugs? They are remarkably expensive, with each set going at over US$100 depending on the seller. Each set consists of three toys to give you more than one option for pleasuring yourself.


• The set is cheap if you consider the number and variety of toys in each set – three of them
• They are not as heavy as stone and steel butt plugs hence they are perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to stimulate the prostate while on the go
• They are ideal for role-playing
• They are perfect for beginners


• You can’t use silicone lube with them

‘Fluke’ Dual-Purpose Butt Plug

This butt plug looks like a giant liver fluke. It is handmade from soft silicone and Perspex. With a price tag of US$65.00, it is expensive than most silicone-based butt plugs on this list. If you are looking for a plug that you can the whole day, the ‘Fluke’ Dual-Purpose Butt Plug could be the best toy for you. The length of insertion is 5.25” (13 cm) – that’s long and big enough to take care of all your length needs.


• It is a perfect butt plug for advanced and experienced butt plug fans
• It can also be used as a convectional anal dildo hence “2-in-1” butt plug


• It is expensive

Pinky Butt Plug

This butt plug resembles the tail of Pikachu, the Pokemon character, although the maker omitted to mention that name for legal reasons. It is perfect for geeky couples who would like to do anime role-playing. The toy is made of 100% silicone. It is ideal for anyone nostalgic about Pokemon or fancies doing Pikachu and Ash roleplay.


• It is excellent for people with roleplay fetish
• It aligns sexiness and nostalgia


• You can only use water-based lubricants because it is made of silicon
• The long tail at its end makes it near impossible to attach it on a harness

Tristan 1 Silicone Plug

This small purple butt plug is small in size and has a more significant flared base that you can hold firmly during stimulation. The neck is remarkably slimmer. It is light and small hence can be ideal for beginners. It is also perfect for you if you’re the kind of a person who loves sleeping with little but plugs in. It is made of silicone.


• The flared base can fit perfectly between the cheeks of your butt
• It is short and to plug in and remove
• It can comfortably stay in the butt for a long time


• It is made of silicon, and for that reason, you can only use water-based lubes

Octopus Anal Toy

This butt plug resembles a small octopus sitting on its tentacles. The octopus head serves as the shaft of the plug while the tentacles serve as the flared base. It is one of the best starters and cute butt plugs in the market. It ships in two sizes, large and small. It is neither too light nor heavy and is considered by many as the best plug for both beginner and advanced users. The material used to make it (body-safe silicone) is gentle on the skin and doesn’t evoke allergies.


• It is a nice looking butt plug with an elaborate flared base that can be used to attach to a harness
• It can be worn for long periods with comfort
• It is ideal for people used to more than one experience level because it comes in two varieties, large and small


• It is a bit expensive
• Although it is cute, it is not equally sexy

Hole Punch Silicone Plug – Orange

(Best Affordable Butt Plug)

With a price tag of US$21, this is one of the best budget butt plugs out there. It resembles a bullet – a tapering end that rescinds in a deep neck before extending out again to form a flared base. This design makes it an excellent tool for achieving an intense orgasm. It is great for advanced users and beginners alike. It mainly comes in orange which is a brilliant and reassuring color in the world of sex toys.


• At US$21, it is cheap and well within the means of a many butt plug users
• It is excellent for everyone, beginners and advanced users alike
• It stays in the butt for a long time without requiring adjustments


• It is a bit basic


(Best high-end butt plug)

Fragaria is a high-end butt plug for users who are out to shop for luxury toys. It resembles a hanging strawberry with the strawberry itself serving as a butt plug; the stalk as the neck; and the two leaves as a flared base. It is made of polished silver and brass. The price can be unreachable by a small number of folks, but you can save enough to buy it as a gift and give it out, especially to a lady you fancy. It also comes with a bit of a high-tech – you can pair it with VR Goggles and watch erotic movies online.


• It can serve as a luxury gift
• It is great for geeky couples


• It is hard to clean
• It is pricey

The popularity of butt plugs – why are they more popular than ever?

Just like other sex toys such as pocket pussies and dildos, butt plugs haven’t been popular for the entire years; they’ve been around as they are now. There are several reasons behind the popularity:

The success of civil rights, feminism, same-sex marriages, and pornography greatly influenced the popularity of butt plugs alongside other sex toys. From the 1960s up to the 1980s, the resounding success of gay marriages and feminism sort of created a sexual revolution. It was an era when western society began removing restrictions and stigma on some sexual behavior. Sex toys could be promoted openly in the print media without raising backlash or eyebrows. The advent of the internet-enabled toymakers to market their products worldwide and ship them to anyone anywhere. Butt plugs, just like other sex toys, have become must-have accessories to many people, straight or gay.

There are a few other reasons:

1. Butt plugs increase sexual pleasure: Whether you are a woman or a man, wearing a butt plug during sexual intercourse can elevate the sensations of regular sex. If you are a couple, you can use these devices on each other or for self-pleasure.

2. Some females realize “double penetration” by inserting butt plugs while having regular intercourse. It is a recommendable trick if she wants to experience both her butt and vagina being filled up simultaneously. The pleasure tends to heighten remarkably in some women.

3. The anal orgasm can be attained with a proper anal plug if you employ more advanced butt plugging.

How to stay safe while using a butt plug

Tip 1#. If you are a beginner, be sure to start with smaller silicone butt plugs before moving to bigger and more advanced devices. Starting with a larger and heavy stone or steel butt plugs right away can inflict considerable strain on your sphincter.

Tip 2#. Know the material that works best for you. It is prudent, to begin with, glass or Perspex based butt plugs because these materials seldom evoke allergies. Avoid rubber and silicone butt plugs if you are allergic to these materials.

Tip 3#. An inappropriate lube can dissolve parts of your butt plug. You can’t use silicone lube with silicone butt plugs. Use water-based lubes with silicone plugs. Rubber toys should not be used with oil-based lubes. Viny toys are the best because they work flawlessly with every kind of lube.