Best Animal Dildos – Furry Penis Reviews

Best Animal Dildos – Furry Penis Reviews

There is an animal side to every human being. After all, we are all animals. Some individuals like to reveal their animal side through sex. There are a lot of sex toys in the market that can help you explore your animal fantasies. How is it like to have a dog’s penis up your ass or vagina? Well, you’ll have to wonder no more. There are plenty of animal sex toys to cater to the wildest animal fantasies out there.

Horse Dildos

Horse Dildos are a reserve for veteran dildo users; a beginner would be overwhelmed with its gigantic size. Pretty any other member of the equine family possesses a gigantic dick; we mean donkeys, mules, ponies and perhaps unicorns. The most badass horse dildo is the famous chance the stallion which stands at 15” in length. It is made by hand and, as a result, comes with a highly detailed curve and textures on the entire shaft. Before mounting these monstrous beasts, consider warming them properly before applying lots of lube.

Horse dildos come in unique designs and shapes. The head is slightly flared to create a pop sensation when you’re sliding it through your hole. The most important feature is its big size. To get started, have a glimpse at these top horse dildos:

1. Chance the Stallion

Best horse dildo

This is one of the largest horse dildos in the market. The surface is textured in detail. It is made from a combination of 100 percent silicone and platinum. These materials make it easy to clean and apply the lube evenly. You can acquire it from two sources, Amazon or Bad Dragon’s Website. Amazon would be a great option if you want it at a good price. If you opt to buy it from the official site, you can choose from 4 distinct sizes: extra-large, large, medium, and small. It ranges from 8” long and 3.75” wide to a monstrous 17.5” long and 8.25” width. In terms of firmness, you can select firm, medium, or soft. Bad Dragon offers a US$10 firmness sample to anyone who isn’t sure yet about their fitness needs. This is rare and plausible because most other dildo makers seldom allow buyers to choose between firmness and size options.

Using it

Depth fanatics can admit that this is one of the best animal dildos you can ever have. Just remember to dip it in warm water and apply a lot of lubricant before use. If you are a beginner, it would be prudent for you to start with the smallest version which goes at US$75. Users have praised it for being perfect anal insertion but not particularly vaginal intercourse. The toy can easily deflect and slip away if you apply too much resistance.

Larger-size versions of this toy will require you to know a lot about your orifices and what you’re really doing lest you hurt yourself. Small size versions with a 3.75” diameter are excellent for beginners and anybody else who is not accustomed to big dildos.

It is also a fun sex toy to just look at when you’re not stoking your holes with it. This piece of fascinating art is lined with beautifully applied textures and veins that feel pleasant when it is moving up your orifice. It also comes with a detailed urethra, a slightly flared shape, and a single prominent striation in the middle.


• The manufacturer allows you to choose between an array of sizes and firmness options

• The more than life-size makes it a darling to many fanatics of size


• The texture on the shaft doesn’t look like it was applied by hand

2. Romi Realistic Dog Penis

Best dog dildo

This dildo is made from body-safe TPE to ensure a more skin-like feeling. It is designed to offer clitoral and G-spot pleasure. In the penetration aspect, the penis extends to a total length of 7.28″. A suction cup has been added at one extreme end to serve as a base and provide hands-free enjoyment. The whole length of the shaft is covered is lined with a veined texture to boost internal sensation (that’s supposed to occur before popping the knot in). The head is concave shaped and has a tiny hole in the middle – designed so to provide a mild suction on the clitoris while it’s covered by the inward-looking curve.

The shape of this dildo’s head combined with its excellent flexibility delivers a mild and thrilling stimulation of the G-spot while the knot and the veins provide more internal pleasure. Besides vaginal use, the dildo can be perfectly used in anal sessions as well. If you must switch from the anal session to vaginal immediately, be sure to wash it with an antibacterial solution and water for sanitary reasons. It is 100% waterproof, so you can use it in your bathtub or when showering but that would require you have plenty of water-based lube.


• Waterproof
• At US$26 on Amazon, it is affordable
• Comes with a specially designed tip on the head that provides excellent clitoral stimulation


• It is made from jelly-like TPE that requires extensive cleaning

3. Rex Canine Dildo

Bad Dragon is to animal sex toys what Rolls Royce is to fine cars. Rex canine dildo is one of the maker’s standout canine dildos. Like any other product from Bad Dragon, this dildo is handmade from 100 percent silicone. And as you would expect from Bad Dragon, again, users are allowed to customize it around to meet individual needs. For that reason, it is a device for veterans and novices alike.

Rex comes with a small rounded head that has a nipple-like protrusion and a hole – this whole assembly evokes amazing labial and clitoral stimulation. If you fancy anal penetration to vaginal sex, Rex doesn’t disappoint due to the superior design. Its shaft is lined with slight textures that comprise of realistic veins. Opposite the head lies a bulbous structure that serves as a handle but can easily serve as a stimulating for the clitoris as well.

Although Rex can be used pretty by anybody, beginners are advised to learn using other dildos or begin with the mini version which is just 3.25”.


• Fully customizable
• Unique design features
• Mini size version that’s perfect for beginners
• Reasonable base price


• No suction cup is included
• Only available in 2 firmness options – medium and soft

4. The Royal Hound

The Royal Hound is an excellent toy for any enthusiast that fancies simple canine dicks. It features a slightly enlarged knot although the dildo is designed to assume the natural tying process. Manufactured from 100 percent silicone, it is one of the simplest silicone animal dildos in the market that you can acquire without breaking a bank. Another area where the maker chose to keep it simple is the number of choices you have in terms of length and size – this dildo comes in just one configuration with a length of 8.7” and knot circumference of 7.6”. The light network of veins on the shaft as well as its slightly triangular head serves to increase the pleasure. It is designed for use both anal and vaginal use but the well-sized head allows fantastic G-spot and/or clitoral stimulation.


• Great price point
• Excellent user reviews
• Made from high-grade silicone


• No suction cup