Best Anal Lube Launchers – Shooters and Injectors

Best Anal Lube Launchers – Shooters and Injectors

If you enjoy anal sex, then it will please you to know there are varieties of lube launchers on the market. Anal sex lovers know the importance of lube during anal sex. Whether you are a man or a woman, moistening your anus will make you have pleasurable anal sex. The anal is one of the sweetest spots to fuck, and with anal lube, it’s magical. Naturally, however, the anus don’t moisten like the mouth or vagina, hence the need to use anal lube to help loosen it up, as well as using a butt plug for this task..

With a quality anal lube, you’ll enjoy fucking the anal with maximum pleasure. More so, there are many lubes in the market ranging from the ones for anal, and vaginal. There is also a homemade lube for anal, but it’s still in the manufacturing stage.

Also, applying lube to your anal with a finger is less effective as the anal sphincter is tight. Besides, most anal lubes are waxy and will quickly melt at room temperature. The result is having anal lube in rolling down your fingers. However, if you want to apply lube in the best way to your anal, then a lube shooter or launcher will come handy. More so, if you want a thick dick inside your sweet anus, then inserting enough lube is hard. However, with anal lube, you’ll get rolling faster than you can think. Now that you know more about anal shooters, it’s time to explore the market’s best.

How much lube should I apply to my anus?

The amount of lube that bests suits your anal depends on several factors. These include your sexual desires and sensual preferences. If you are a newbie who is out to try anal sex, then it’s best to use more anal to counteract the friction in the anus. If you are experienced, however, then medium lube will get you going.

Also, the size of the penis plays a significant role in the amount of lube you need. If it’s a small down passing through your tight hole, then some little lube will do. If, however, you want a monster dick inside of you, then it’s best to use much anal lube to lubricate your sweet anal.

Is a lube shooter vital for anal sex?

The answer to the question can be a No or Yes, depending on your partner and if they are interested in vaginal play as well. If, for example, you are fucking with a partner who has a small dick, then lube may not be necessary. However, if your partner possesses that monstrous dick, then a little lube will help up the game. Ultimately, using lube during anal sex is essential for many reasons. First, the anus has no lubrication, and the lube serves as a lubricant. Therefore, you will not feel any discomfort when doing anal sex, and you’ll end up enjoying anal sex. Second, lube more so acts as a moistener to your partner’s dick. He will end up enjoying anal sex with you as your hole will feel sweeter and tighter than the pussy.

The Best Lube Launchers

1. Shibari Lube Applicator XL

If you are looking for an extra-large tube launcher in the market, then it’s time to buy the Shibari Applicator XL. With a long length, it shoots up to 7.5 inches and bolsters your anal with its magical shooting prowess. If you love having sex with a partner who is well-endowed down there, then this applicator is best for you. It shoots the lube to the deepest part of your anus, ensuring that you get the maximum lubrication that you require.

More so, there is no leakage of lubes in the shooter. It also comes with a sleek design that ensures smooth and safe passage via your anus. However, depending on your anus shape, you may find the tip a little jaggy that can pose problems when removing the shooter. Therefore, when removing the shooter, exercise caution, and remove it as slowly as possible. But for the downside, you can easily maneuver through it as it’s not a must to use the launcher’s whole length. It also comes with a solid built that is durable plus the easy-to-clean feature, which makes its best lube shooter for everyday use.

2. Lube Tube Applicator Syringe

The Lube Tube Applicator Syringe is the best alternative to the Shibari Lube Applicator XL. It comes with easy-to-use syringes that are ideal for everyday use. Best for a beginner set, the set has bright needles that make it easier to inject the lube into your anal. If you are a beginner out there trying anal sex, then I’ll recommend the Lube Tube shooter to you. It does not push deep through your anus and is safe for most users.

Besides, the syringes are disposable though you can use them when you clean and sterilize them. However, from my personal experience, it’s pretty hard to clean these syringes though it may work for you. So, from their design, these lube shooters are best for beginners who are exploring their anal safely. However, if you are that expert anal who loves huge dicks in your anal, then you should buy higher quality and size, anal lube shooter. Overall, the set is affordable and effective in shooting lube to your anal. The only downside though its rubber seal that loosens quickly.

3. POP Ejaculating Dildo Lube Shooter

From its name, the POP shooter is one of the best shooters on the market. Its build is not for a lube shooter though you can use it for the task. It comes from medical grade silicon hence safer for your anus. It also features a length of 7 inches; thus can be useful when you want to fuck your anus with a dildo. It’s more like the dick of a well-endowed partner when you want to use it as a dildo.

However, for lube shooting, it features a unique pumping system that pushes the fluid lubricant to the farthest side of your anus. The result is a deeply moistened anus that will make your partner sail through smoothly during anal sex. The toy is also useful for cum squirts when couples use it.

Before you get your partner inside your tight anal during sex, its best to warm up to prepare your body for the anal sex, for that, ensure you stretch out your anal hole to make it engorged. This ensures that your anal is stimulated enough, especially before going for sex with a big dick. It also helps to remove the discomfort that is common when having anal sex with a giant dick. Even if you’d like to masturbate your ass, you can finger yourself up while using the lube shooter. It will serve your dick two purposes: that is as an anal lube shooter and a big dick. Therefore you’ll get the satisfaction of fucking a lubricated anal without the need for a partner.

The best upsides of the toy are its versatility, as you can use it for multiple purposes. Its downsides, though, are that it’s less efficient than the standard lube applicators on the market.

4. CleanStream XL Lube Launcher

The CleanStream lube launcher is best for guys or women who enjoy playing with their anal far broader and longer. The toy comes with a length of fewer than 5 inches, but it’s still important to lube your anus. The shooter works well with your anus, allowing you to shoot lube to the farthest end. The result is a well-lubed and moist anal that is sweet and pleasurable to your partner.

The downsides to the use of the CleanStream Lube is it’s hard to fill it from the top. Therefore, you may end up filling your body with lube. For beginners, use the lube shooter the usual way you work with a syringe. Dip the shooter into your lube bottle and pull the plunger upwards to draw the lube. Now remove the plunger down to push the lube up your ass. The lube shooter also comes in a one-hand design, which is best, especially when you want to enjoy anal sex without assistance. Overall, its good length and elegant design make it best for those who love anal sex.

5. Disposable Lubricant Launchers

Well, if you enjoy anal sex, but you live with someone who hates it, then maybe it’s best to buy a disposable lube launcher. That way, you won’t have to keep a partner who continuously presses into your shooters. Disposable lubricant launcher comes in a pack of 10 ten disposable syringes that serves your needs. It comes in a beautiful design and shape that makes it easier to penetrate your anal painlessly.

With the disposable lubricant launchers, you’ll enjoy cheaper shooters, and you don’t have to clean lube launchers in your closet continually. Besides, they come at a better price than most non-disposable lube launchers in the market. The year is 2019, and getting yourself a high-quality lube launcher will go a long way in upping your lube game.

Top Tips for Getting Most of Your Lubes

1. Use More Lube when starting out

The application of the lube can be fun and sexy, especially during foreplay. However, when starting, use more lube for your anal. It helps to reduce discomfort and possibly pain from anal sex. The anal, unlike vagina or mouth, has no way of keeping itself moist. It does not produce fluids; hence, you may feel more discomfort when your partner is penetrating your anus. More so, pain becomes intense when your partner is a bearer of a massive dick. Lube lubricates your anus, and it’s vital to apply more to make anal sex more pleasurable.

2. Safety

Before buying a lube, you should know that there is a vast assortment of lubes in the market. From silicone to water-based lubes, you may get lost for choice in buying the best lube. However, I’d advise you to go for water-based lubes as they are safer for your anus. They do not irritate and provide full lubrication to your tight anus. Also, the petroleum-based lubes are not best as they ca