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There are plenty of things that make a long-distance relationship work. Some of these things include constant communication, honesty, trust and on. But one crucial thing that most couples overlook is their sex life. Maintaining a healthy sex life with your partner, even when he is far away from you is very important. It not only brings you closer to each other, but it also makes your partner feel loved and appreciated. The good news is that long-distance partners can also spice their sex life using a rabbit vibrator known as the Lovense Nora. So what exactly is this sex toy, how does it work, what is its benefit, and how can it help to spice your relationship? In this review, we are going to discuss this sex toy in details to help you know what it is all about and whether it is the right device for you.

Our Lovense Nora Review & Guide

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What is Nora?

In the simplest term possible, it is a toy that allows you to stimulate both your clit and G – spot at the same time. Nora sex toy has a larger shaft for penetration and smaller tickler on the exterior for clitoral stimulation. So if you are looking for double pleasure (clit stimulation and G spot stimulation), then this is the right sex toy for you. Out of all rabbit vibrators available on the market today, the Nora vibrator is by far the undisputed leader. Lovense has dominated the sex toy market for long because they continually update the features and technology of their sex toys. That is why they have remained on top for all those years.

Some of the features that make it stand out include:

·   It is super quiet

·   Faster charging

·   Has a powerful motor that gives more energetic vibrations

·   It is more flexible tickler arm

·   It has a re-designed shaft for optimal sensation

·   Features that make LoveSense Nora stand out

·   It allows you to involve your partner during long distance relationships

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Are you in a long distance relationship and you want to keep the spark glowing even when your partner who is far for you? If yes, then Nora vibrator is the right sex toy for you. This adult toy not only provides great orgasm, but it also allows you to involve your partner in the fun. Nora sex toy features internet connectivity and Bluetooth that enables you to include your partner in every step of the action regardless of which part of the world he/she is.

All that your partner needs to do is download the Lovense app and accept to sync with you. Your partner can then monitor the whole scene via the apps chartroom. You can also allow your partner to control the entire process until you reach orgasms. What is even more impressing about Lovense app is that it will enable you to sync your toy with your partner’s toy to experience the same intensity, vibrations and eventually powerful orgasm. You will feel like you are having real sex with your partner.

· Double pleasure

Nora dildo will give you double pleasure, and that includes stimulating your clitoris and hitting your G-spot over and over. So if you want to take your sexual experience to another level, then this is the right adult toy for you.

· Powerful thrusting

Are you looking for a sex toy that will make you feel like a woman? If then Nora sex toy is an excellent choice for you. The shaft that this sex toy features will hit the G spot for intense pleasure. The smooth pumps, on the other hand, that are along the surface will make you feel that a real penis is inside you. The thrusting will be so sweet and powerful.

Additionally, this rabbit vibrator rotates to hit the right spot at the right time, giving you the intense pleasure that you are looking for. What even better is that you can adjust the rotation speed of the head from slow to fast.

· Its fits your body perfectly

One thing that makes rabbit sex toys stand out from the rest is the fact that they have a vibration tickler arm. However, Nora has taken things to another level by having this arm uniquely designed for more flexibility. As such, this vibrator can easily bend to accommodate a variety of body types. This is a very crucial factor considering the fact the arrangement between vagina and clit varies between women. So if you are looking for an adult sex toy that will suit your body type and shape then look no further then Nora rabbit vibrator.

· Ability to choose the pattern that gives you the most pleasure

Rabbit sex toys are designed to give double pleasure (clitoris and G- spot stimulation). But Nora toy has gone a step further to help you get the best of what this sex toy has to offer. It has two motors, one on the arm and the other on the shaft head. That fact that the motors are separately controlled means that they vibrate at different intensities. Once you find a combination that suits you well, all that you have to do is save that pattern to avoid repeating the process the next time you use this sex toy.

· Ability to choose from multiple preset patterns

The Lovense app that it comes with is loaded with a wide variety of pre-made patterns that you can use to spice your sex life. You can use these patterns on your Nora sex toy, or you can pair the pattern with our partner’s Fleshlight toy to experience the same intensity and stimulation.

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· Ability to make your own pattern

In addition to having multiple pre-made patterns, Nora vibrator also allows you to make your own patterns. If you find a combination that suits you, all need to do is save the pattern on the app. This can be your pattern or pattern that both you and your partner created. Once you find a pattern that you enjoy the most, but it is not included in the preset patterns, then you can save that particular pattern for future use.

· Control it yourself or let your partner take full charge

Nora sex toy has three modes of use. First, you can take full control over your pleasure but using the button on the vibrator or using the Bluetooth option. You can so use the solo play while your partner is watching.

The second option is the long-distance, where you give your partner full control over your pleasure. This option is ideal for people who are in a long-distance relationship because it allows them to get intimate even when they are far apart. All you need to do to connect yourself with your partner who is far away from you is by linking to each other via Wi-Fi connection then allow your partner to access the app chartroom.

The final option is syncing two or more toys together to enjoy the same vibration and sensation. Syncing is ideal for couples who are not far apart but want to get the same thrilling experience and climax together.

· Super easy to use

If you bought a high tech vibrator before, but it gave you a hard time using it, then that will not be the case with Nora sex toy. The Lovense app that this sex toy is equipped with is straightforward and easy to use. All that you need to do is download the app on the App Store or Google Play store. Once you are done, the next step is to turn your Bluetooth on then sync this sex toy with the app. That’s it. This process is only done once. After that, the app will automatically remember your toy.

· Easy to clean

One of the greatest challenges that many people face is cleaning up the sex toys. However, that is not the case with Lovense Nora. All that you need to do is water, a suitable detergent and a sex toy clear. This sex toy is made of silicone material that is not only body-safe but is also very easy to clean.

· No need for batteries

Unlike other sex toys that require you to use a battery, this sex toy is rechargeable. When fully charged, the battery can go for up to 4 hours of continuous use before needing to recharge. Recharging is very simple. All that you need to do is connect the toy to the USB charging that it comes with.


·   It is equipped with a powerful motor that delivers strong vibrations for intense pleasure

·   The motor is powerful but quieter meaning that you don’t have to worry about someone else knowing what you are up to

·   A powerful battery that can last for up to four hours on single charge and USB for first charging

·   A more improved sensor that quickly detects movement while using the toy

·   Has a more flexible ticker arm

·   It has a separate power sensing for tickler and shaft for better sensation

·   Ability to set your own vibration patterns

·   It can be synced with another Lovense toy for long-distance sex

·   It is controlled by an internet-capable device or a Bluetooth device for long distance sex

·   Easy to use

·   Easy to clean


·   Some ladies complain that it is not as waterproof the manufacturer claims

·   Some ladies complain that it is a bit loud

·   Clitoral vibrations are not very powerful

If you are looking up your bedroom game or if you are in a long-distance relationship and you want to maintain your sex life, then Lovense Nora is a great choice. Our review should give you the decision making power you need to get it. Lovense Nora is equipped with many amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. It is also cheaper compared to other similar devices on the market. We recommend it to any lady who is looking for a quality, durable, sturdy and affordable sex toy.