Lovense Lush 2

If you are you in a long distance relationship or single, and you want to spice things up in the bedroom then Lovense Lush 2 is the ideal adult toy for you. It is quite amazing how far adult toys have evolved in recent years. Long gone are the days where women had to use big dildos that did more harm than good due to the unsafe nature of the material used to make them.

The lush 2 toy is a powerful vibrator designed to offer you intense pleasure for powerful orgasms. This adult toy is high tech and is equipped with internet connectivity and Bluetooth that enables you to take your sexual pleasure to the next level. If you are in a long-distance relationship and you want to keep fire burning, or you are alone and want to spice up your sexual fantasy, then Lush 2 will not disappoint you.

This is an upgrade of the original Lovense, and it is equipped with many amazing features aimed to spark our sex life. Who is it meant for, and what are its benefits of this toy In this Lovense lush 2 review, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about this adult toy to help you make an informed decision.

Our Lush 2 Review

What exactly is the Lovense Lush 2?

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Lush 2 is a wearable internal vibrator that is designed to stimulate your G-spot. You can use it manually without using any connections, or you can control the toy using your phone, or you can let your partner take control of your stimulation. Its beautiful curved design enables it to insert it comfortably on your G sport for intense pleasure. The thin antenna that sits out acts as the receiver.

Who are these types of sex toys meant for?

Now the big question is, who is the ideal candidate for lush 2 vibrator? This adult toy is perfect for any girl who wants to spice her bedroom life. If the spark that you and your partner once heard has faded away and you are looking for ways to spice things up, the lush 2 is an ideal choice for you. It is also suitable for people who are in a long-distance relationship. The high tech that this vibrator uses means that your partner who is far away from you can control the Lush 2 to give you an intense orgasm. Lush 2 will make foreplay between you and your partner more exciting.

This vibrator is also great for people who are suffering from arthritis or any other pain issue on their hands. This is because this lush 2 vibrator can give you the intense pleasure that you are looking for without holding or moving it with your hands.

The main thing that differentiates this sex toy from others is the fact that it enables you to have a thrilling pulse and intense orgasm without controlling the vibratory with your hands. It also gives your partner the chance to control your sexual pleasure, thus making things in the bedroom more spicy and exciting. The Lush2 can allow your partner to provide discreet sex pleasure in a public location, and only the two of you will know what you are up to.

Unlike most vibrators that can only be controlled when your partner is close to the toy, the Bluetooth technology that this sex toy uses can enable your partner to control your sexual fantasy even when you are miles away from each other. That is why love lush vibrator is popular amongst couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

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What is the difference between the lush 2 and the initial version?

As you now know, Lush 2 adult toy is an improved version of the original version. This means that it is equipped with more features than the original version. One of the main differences between this version and the initial version is its long-distance range. Unlike the previous versions that had a short interval, this new version uses Bluetooth technology with incredible range. Additionally, lush 2 is also comfortable with windows devices, Apple Mac and android.

Another new feature the On/Off button, which is located at the end of the external antenna. This new feature will enable you to turn this sex toy on and off with ease. Additionally, lush toys also come with a user guide and USB cable.

The last and most important upgrade is the powerful motor that it is equipped with. The motor that this new lush feature is more powerful than the original lush toy meaning that you will get to enjoy a more intense orgasm. Despite the motor being more powerful than the original version, it is still super quiet. The person sitting next to you will not notice that you are having some special moments thanks to its super silent motor.

Powerful vibrations

Most girls who have used Lovense sex toys are very impressed with its powerful vibration. This toy is arguably the most powerful vibrator in the United States. Its powerful motor has seven intensity levels, which can be changed manually or via the smartphone app. The fact that it offers different modes means that you have the freedom to choose the intensity that gives you the pleasure that you are looking for.

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The lists of vibration that it features include low vibration, medium vibration, high vibration, pulse mode, wave mode, fireworks mode, and earthquake mode. Low vibration has the lowest intensity, while the earthquake mode had the highest intensity. Very few women have managed to reach the earthquake mode. A vast majority of them usually reach climax at wave mode.

Discreet design

One of the key selling points of this toy is its discreet design. Lush 2 is one of the few vibrators on the market with an amazing discreet design. You can wear this adult toy from any location to get the pleasure that you are looking for. Its 4.8-inch antenna is not noticeable even when wearing tight outfits. It fits perfectly against your pelvic bone, all thanks to its discreet design.

Additionally, it is also super quiet, meaning that you can have your moment for as long as you want without worrying that the person sitting next to you will know what you are up to. With this product, you will only be limited by your imaginations. You can have pleasure anywhere, including at the workplace at the restaurant, at the library, or any other public place provided you don’t draw public attention.

Internet connectivity

Longest Control Range Out of Any Other Device

Many adult toys on the market only offer Bluetooth connectivity, but that is not the case with the lush 2. This sex toy has gone a notch higher and allows users to control the vibrator via an app. So, if you have this vibrator, then the distance between you and your partner will not be a huge factor anymore. Even when your sweetheart has traveled miles always, you can still enjoy some playtime together.

G spot stimulation

Do you want to hit your G spot with ease? If yes, then look no further than this device. This adult toy features an insertable bulb end, which is about 1.5-inch wide and 3-inch long. Lust 2 vibrator will hit the G spot over and over, thus giving you intense and memorable pleasure. The toy’s body is made of silicone that is soft and body-safe. Lush 2 is, therefore, ideal for women who are looking for an adult toy that is comfortable but very effective at stimulating the G spot.

Save your favorite pattern for later use

Love sense vibrator allows you to save your favorite pattern for later use. This means that once you find a pattern that works great on you, this toy will save it, meaning that you don’t have to search for the same pattern again.

Versatile shape

Lush 2 adult toy is known for G spot stimulation. However, what most ladies are not aware of is the fact that this toy is also very effective at stimulating the clitoris. All that you need to do is hold the egg vibrator against your clit and let it do the magic for you. Most women have had an intense orgasm from clitoris stimulation.

Music sync

If you want lush 2 vibrator to take control of the vibration intensity, then all you have to do is music sync the vibration. This is recommended, especially if you are looking for something that is more thrilling. When the song speed increases, the vibration also goes up and vice versa. If you love listening to good music while pleasuring yourself, then you will most definitely enjoy this feature.

Other Stats

Ability to negotiate playtime

In addition to being able to control this adult toy from a distance, the Lovense app that it features allows you to negotiate playtime with your spouse. You can message your partner while the vibrator is on to negotiate the level of stimulation and sensation. This is important because it allows you to involve your partner in your fantasy even when you are far from each other. If you have multiple partners, then all you need to do is ensure that all your partners have downloaded the Lovense app and accept your request to connect to long-distance play.

Voice activation

This is the only adult toy on the market that allows users to change the intensity of the vibration with voice command. This means that you don’t have to worry about using your hands. This feature is essential both for solo play and couples. For instance, if you are with your partner, you can take advantage of the voice activation feature to increase the intensity of egg vibration and let your partner take care of other important business.

Reasonably priced

Imagine enjoying all features discussed above. If you compare the feature that this toy is equipped versus its price, then you will notice that you will get more than what you have paid for. In addition to being comfortable and durable, lush 2 is the only adult toy vibrator that allows you to spice your bedroom life even when you are far from your partner. You also don’t have to use your hand to get the pleasure that you are looking for. It is a hand free vibrator and will do everything for you. All you need to do is sit down and enjoy the intense sensations.

Lovense lush 2 reviewer pros

·   It is very powerful and has a wide range of vibration intensities to choose from

·   It is super silent when inserted

·   Made of Silicone material that is body-safe and super comfortable

·   It takes a shorter time to charge but last for long compared to other similar models

·   Its long-distance range allows you to keep your relationship fun even when your partner is far from you

·   It is hands-free

·   Has an easy to access on/off button

·   It easily syncs with vocal cues and music

·   great customer service

·   A storage bag is included in the box

·   comes with a remote control

·   has a long battery life

·   Great for long distance relationships

·   it has great customer reviews


·   Some ladies complain that the antenna is fragile

·   You must have a smartphone and the Lovense app to enjoy amazing features of this sex toy

·   Some ladies complain that they don’t feel comfortable walking around with this sex toy.

If you want to take to spice your sex life, then this is a great adult toy to purchase. Whether it is solo play, or you want to have some good time with your partner, this toy will give intense pleasure that you are looking for. Its powerful vibration will hit your G spot over and over again for an intense orgasm. Its discreet design means that you can take it with you anywhere. The company also delivers great customer service.