How To Have A Prostate Orgasm

Do you want your male partner to last longer in bed and achieve a powerful orgasm through prostate stimulation? If yes, then today you have landed in the right place. If you want to give your man great experience in bed, then prostate stimulation is the way to go. Most people usually focus on penile stimulation and forget one crucial organ that can drive a man crazy- the prostrate.

The prostate is a tiny organ in the male body that is responsible for creating a fluid that includes semen. In addition to producing semen, this organ can take your sexual pleasure to an unimaginable height if it is well stimulated. It is often referred to as the male G spot due to an intense climax that it often gives.

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But what exactly is male prostate orgasm, how can you achieve prostate orgasm and who is the right candidate for prostate orgasm? In this a post, we are going to tell you everything that you need to know about prostate orgasm to help you understand what you have been missing for a long time and what you need to do to achieve an intense prostate orgasm.

What exactly is a prostate orgasm?

Also known as prostate milking, a prostate orgasm is a form of prostate massage or simulation that helps a man to achieve an intense climax. If you want to take things to another level in bed, then you need to try out prostate stimulation. In addition to intense sexual pleasure that it will help you achieve, scientific studies have shown that it also helps to improve prostate health. And with the number of people who have prostate cancer continue to rise, prostate orgasm can help you kill two birds with one stone. Besides making you feel good, it will also enhance your prostate health.

The good thing about prostate is that it enables men to have multiple orgasms with shedding single semen. As such, you can have multiple intense orgasms. Additionally, unlike penile orgasm that often lowers a man sexual appetite; prostate orgasm will keep making you want more. As such, you can have prolonged, intense moments with your partner in bed and on the process climax multiple times.

Who is the right candidate for prostate orgasm?

Anyone who has a prostate and wants to take sexual fantasy to another level can try out prostrate orgasm. Unlike anal play that often enjoyed mostly by gay men, prostate orgasm can be enjoyed by any man regardless of their current relationship status or their sexual orientation. This means that bath single, married, gay and trans women can try out prostate orgasm. Women can also take part by stimulating their male partners to help them achieve an intense prostate orgasm.

What does prostate orgasms feel?

If you have never experienced a prostate orgasm before, you must be wondering how it feels. If that is the case, then the answer is simple: it feels really good. Unlike penile orgasm that is only felt at the groin, prostate orgasm has gone a notch higher, meaning that it does not just felt on the groin but the entire body. In addition to that, the pleasurable feeling that you will get will last much longer than an ordinary orgasm, and you also climax multiple time, something which important with normal orgasm.
People who have experience say that it fell like riding a wave. It is stronger and by far more powerful than penile orgasm. And since you will not ejaculate, you can have multiple orgasms over and over until you get fully satisfied. Unlike penile stimulation where most men have very little power on how to control their erection prostate orgasm give you a lot of power to control how you want your orgasm to be, how many you want and how long you want to feel that way.

The kind of feeling that you will experience will be on its league. Most men who have achieved prostate orgasm have said that it cannot be compared to penile stimulation. It is by far more powerful and more intense. If you are one of the guys who has been yearning for diversity as it is the case with females, then this is your golden chance. Incorporating prostate orgasm to your sexual fantasies can help make your sex life more fun and lively. You will not just experience pleasure from one part of the body but all parts of the body, from the nails to the toes. If you want, you can experience both penile prostate orgasm for a super intense sexual pleasure.

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Where is the prostate located?

Now the big question is, where is the prostate located? First of all, if you have a penis, then you have a prostate. The prostate is a tiny organ (about an inch wide). It has a firm feel hence easy to locate. When men get aroused, the prostates often swell and become firmer and larger, making it easy to identify.

Prostate milking is of often compared to female G- spot because the feel is often similar and also because of how far inside the body this orgasm is located. If you are trying out a prostate orgasm for the first time, then you should first start by finding the prostate externally. While you will not get the exact sensation that you are looking for, it is an excellent place to start. It will help you know how to identify the precise location of your prostate.

Finding the prostate location is very simple. All that you need to do is press between your testicles and anus, the place where you feel a firm bulge is an exact area where the prostate is located. Once you correctly find where your prostate is, you can use your fingers or sex toy to stroke it until you climax. Regardless of the item that you plan to use to stimulate your prostate, you must apply the right lubricant to avoid injuring your rectum.

To locate the prostitute internally, all that you need to do is enter about 3-4 inches inside the rectum. The prostate usually sits on the same side as the belly, just below the bladder. A vast majority of men typically rich the prostate by inserting their fingers about halfway. However, everyone is different meaning that some people will have to go deeper to reach their prostates.
All you need to do to locate your prostate internally is to insert your finger into your anus while pressing the front wall of your rectum. Push the finger gently until you reach the prostate gland. Don’t panic if you feel to urinate once you reach your prostate, it is 100% normal and healthy.

How to have an intense prostate orgasm

Once you have correctly located your prostrate, the next crucial step is stimulation until you reach climax. In this section, we are going to give you tips on what you need to do to reach climax via prostate stimulation.

· Talk to your partner first

If you want your partner to experience prostate orgasm, don’t just wake up one day and decide to surprise him because it won’t work. Before you take any step, you need to talk to your part first and explain to him what prostate orgasm is all about, its benefits and what they are likely to feel. Remember that your partner will only experience intense orgasm if he is comparable with the whole idea of prostate orgasm.

Once your partner agrees to it, start small then progress once you feel that he is more comfortable and relaxed. You can first start by locating the prostate externally then use your hands or a sex toy to stimulate the prostate. If your partner enjoys the feeling, then you can take thing a notch higher by locating prostate internally. However, while you are at it, communicate with your partner to know if is comfortable and relaxed. Do all you can to make him feel comfortable.

· Be gentle

Just like the penis. The prostate and the anus are extremely delicate and sensitive organs that need to be handled with care. So, be gentle when handling them. If you are doing this for the first time, don’t exert too much pressure on them because you may end harming them. Start small, then add the intensity gradually as you get used to the procedure.

· Prepare adequately

This is a crucial step that you must pay close attention to. Remember that you can only attain orgasm if you are well prepared and relaxed. As said before the prostate and the anus are very sensitive organs that need to be handled with care. And that can only happen if you are relaxed. So before you start, ensure that you prepare yourself adequately. Also, before you start, ensure that your fingers or your partner’s finger are well-trimmed. Long fingers are not advised as they can harm these very sensitive parts.

· Warm-up

Before you start the real stimulation, it is important to first warm-up. The success of this stage largely depends on how prepared and relaxed you are. If you are uncomfortable or nervous, then your anus will tighten, making penetration harder and painful. If you manage to reach your prostate, then the experience will not be as sweet as you would have wanted it to be. Before you start penetration, ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and well aroused. The warm up stage is simply about arousal if you are doing this with your partner, ensure that you are turned on and break for it before you start penetration. The importance of being in the right state of mind and being aroused cannot be overstated.

· Use the proper lubricant

The anus and the prostates are not meant to lubricate themselves. As such, you need to use appropriate lube to make the process smooth. Penetration is very important because it helps to protect penetrative tissues from being damaged. It actually provides cushion and enables seamless and pleasurable sensations. Lubrication also makes it easy to insert something into the anus. So, ensure that you apply a generous amount of lube to the anus to make penetration seamless and safe.

· Be gentle

Just like the penis. The prostate and the anus are extremely delicate and sensitive organs that need to be handled with care. So, be gentle when handling them. If you are doing this for the first time, don’t exert too much pressure on them because you may end harming them. Start small, then add the intensity gradually as you get used to the procedure.

Tips on how to use a prostate massager

If you currently don’t have a partner to help you milk your prostate, worry not because you can do it on your own. All you need to do is purchase a prostate massage toy. While you can insert many other things, including your fingers to stimulate your prostate, prostate massager are highly recommended because they have been specifically designed for that job. Their ergonomic design enables them to sit directly on the prostate for intense stimulation and orgasms. In addition to beeping curved and angled, prostate massagers have a wide base that makes it easy to remove or adjust the device. This feature also prevents it from being pushed too far.

Prostate massagers are very easy to use. All that you need to do is follow simple and straightforward guidelines that have been given on the user manual. Also, before you insert the massager, ensure that it is well lubricated with a suitable lube. Furthermore, ensure that you are relaxed, comfortable and well aroused. As we had said earlier, if you are not well aroused, then you will get the pleasure that you are looking for. In fact, the entire experience will awful. So, ensure that you are in the right state of minds before you insert the prostate massager. When you are ready, apply a generous amount of lube to the sex toy then insert it gently, with the curved part facing forward. You will start feeling a little bit of pleasure or sensitivity when the massager gets to the right place.

Once you have successfully inserted the massager via the anus to the prostate, the next thing is stimulating the prostate for an intense and exciting sensation. There are two ways to go about it once the sex toy is in place.

The first method is by simulation yourself manually by moving the toy around the prostate where you feel it feels good. The other techniques involve not using your hands. Instead, you need to create pleasurable rhythm by tightening and untighten your kegel muscles. This technique will make the sex toy to move up and down, creating an intense sensation that will ultimately lead to multiple intense prostate orgasms.

The good thing about prostate massagers is that they are designed to be worn for many hours. This means that you can wear it for an extended period of time. In fact, you can wear them and walk around the town without anybody knowing that you are up to. There are very comfortable and discreet hence tricky for another person to see that you are wearing one unless you tell them. When you are at home, you can combine prostate stimulation with other arousal techniques to achieve a more intense orgasm. You can also combine prostate stimulations with penile stimulate to get two intense orgasms at the same time.

How does Prostate orgasm look like?

Once your prostate has been stimulated for a while, you will start noticing a white fluid leaking from your penis. That is known as prostate milking, and it should not worry you.

When you see this white fluid, then that is a sign that you are about to rich climax. Research has shown that prostate milking is good for your health and can prevent diseases such as prostate cancer. However, it is vital to note that the milk released from the prostate is not sperms.

Positions that can help you access the prostate easily

Finding the right position to access your prostate is vital. The position that you masturbate on will determine if you will reach climax or not. You need to be as comfortable as possible, and that can only happen if you access the prostate using the right position. Whether you are experimenting with your partner or your own, below are the best positions to access the prostate.

· Try face down

Lying when your face is down will allow your partner to access your anus easily. However, it is essential to note that this position is only ideal if your partner is doing the job for you. Masturbating on your own while on this position is quite difficult.

· Try leg up

This poison is ideal for men who want to take their solo play to another level. It is quite easy to access your anus when you lift your legs closer to your chest. If you are not very flexible, then you can try bending your knees to bring your anus closer to you.

· Try on the side

If the first two methods don’t work, then you can try lying on your side instead of lying on your stomach or back. Lying on your side will make it a lot easier for you or your partner to reach your prostate.

What you need to do to have an intense prostate climax

Now that you know how to locate your prostate as well as how to use a prostate massager, the next crucial thing that we are going to discuss is what you need to do to achieve an intense prostate orgasm that you are looking for.

· Overcome your fears

One of the main reason why some men fail to reach prostate orgasm is that they are afraid. Some men usually back off out of fear that they will wet themselves. If you want to enjoy prostate orgasm, then you must overcome your fears. This means that you must be willing to try new thing that you have tried before. For instance, if you are afraid of reaching certain areas of your prostate because of fear of experiencing the urge to urinate, then it is time to try them out and see how it will feel. Don’t back down when you feel the urge to urinate, press on, you will be surprised on how things will turn out. Prostate stimulation and orgasm are about exploring and discovering new pleasurable areas. If you do it safely, then you have nothing to worry about.

· Strengthen your kegel muscles

Kegel muscles are crucial muscles that help to control your urination and blood flow. Strengthening them can help you achieve a more intense prostate orgasm. Kegel exercises help to strengthen your pelvic floor, which plays a vital role in prostate stimulation. Incorporate kegel exercises into your daily exercise routine to help strengthen your pelvic floor. Men who have a strong pelvic floor usually experience more intense prostate orgasm.

· Delay the pleasure

Don’t be in a hurry to reach the climax. When you feel that you are almost there, take a short break to delay the orgasm. The more you delay to reach the orgasm, then more aroused you will become. When you are very aroused, more blood will flow in the prostate area, thus increasing our odds of having a mind-blowing prostate orgasm. When it comes to prostate stimulation and orgasm, then more you delay reaching the climax, the more intense your climax will be.

· Try dual stimulation

One thing that makes prostate stimulation unique is that it can be done alongside penile stimulation for a more intense orgasm. If you want to take things to another level, then you should try dual stimulation. This means that you masturbate with your penis while your partner, on the other hand, massages your prostate for dual stimulation. If you want to take things to the next level, then dual stimulation is the way to go.

If you want to spice up your partner’s sex life or if you are single and you want to explore new options, the prostate milking is a great option for you. Prostate orgasm is more powerful and intense than penile orgasm. You will feel its intensity from the nails to the toes. Additionally, you can achieve prostate orgasm multiple times, within a short period provided you are comfortable, relaxed and well aroused. Prostate milking is also good for your health and can help protect you from diseases such as prostate cancer. If you want to experience an intense orgasm that you have never felt before, then you should try prostate milking.